Milo: DecisionMature

As we pulled apart and the embrace ended, I looked at her and knew.

"So what are we going to do?" I asked. "The ball's in your court."

I watched her mull it over, her makeup still running. "Maybe" she whispered between sobs.

"Sophia, I don't care if I barely know you. It doesn't matter that I've only known you for a few days and not months. What matters is that this feels right." I moved in closer to her. "This feeling between us. We can't let it go."

I placed my hand on her chin, tilting her head up to me. I smiled, pulling her into a gentle kiss. "Milo." she mumbled into my lips.

"Yeah." I smiled at her, staring into her eyes.

"This isn't right." She said, the tears still flowing.

"No please." I said, partly out of frustration. Why was she fighting this so much? "Why not?"

"Not like this." She moved to the door.

Then let's get you out of that dress." I said confidently.

She stopped in her tracks, turning and looking at me in shock. "What?"

"That dress belongs to Roxy and I want to talk to Sophia so," We both smiled. "And I am paying for the entire evening and isn't it what the client wants?" She looked at me, her eyes sparkling at the thought of staying. "And I want you here and now. I want to talk to you. To get to know you better."

"I don't know," She looked to the door again.

"Stop thinking." I ordered, sitting down and patting the sofa next to me.

"But look at me. I can't do this, not like this."

"If you are really worried, I can call up your agency and tell them how amazing you were. I'll pay for us to go out on a date. I'll do anything if only you'd give me a chance." I smiled at her, wondering how badly I'd react if she just left.

"Ok." She said softly, sitting beside me.

"We can do this on a trial basis if you want. If that would make you feel more comfortable." She nodded. "It'll be just like any other relationship. You get sick of me, you dump me just like any other guy. Deal?"

I grinned at her as she shook my hand and I pulled her into a tight embrace in which our lips met again. I held her gently, wanting her to know how much I cared.

The End

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