Milo: PreparationMature

I looked Stefan over once, wondering if he was old enough to be able to run a nightclub. He looked up at me with naive eyes and I just smiled.

"If you have any trouble then Mo will be around. She's quite resourceful so she should be able to help. If all hell breaks loose, use your phone. Otherwise, my place is just upstairs and this," I said, grabbing a pen and scribbling on a piece of scrap paper. "Is my number. Emergency only though."

We left my office, me leading the way. "Well I hope you feel better soon at any rate," he said, tapping me on the shoulder in a friendly manner.

"Yeah." I mumbled, unsure why I felt like I had to lie to my employee. I hadn't told anyone what was really going on; in all honesty, I was a little embarrassed and part of me wanted to call and cancel but knew that some poor girl out there wouldn't like being out of a job all of a sudden.

"Which one is Mo?" he asked. "Since, you know, there are two women and I'd rather not have to ask. It undermines my position." he said, nodding as if he was some sort of expert in management.

I stopped and thought for a second, wondering how I would sum her up. "She looks like she has some unquenchable desire building up in her eyes." Stefan looked at me, bewildered. "She's the less attractive one." He nodded and we parted ways.

I entered my apartment, half smiling. It was a mess that I really needed to clean but even with piles of clothes everywhere it looked amazing. I had spent a lot on my place, just like I had with the club and so I felt a surge of pride when I walked in.

I scooped up some discarded clothing from the sofa, throwing it into the basket with surprising accuracy. I sat down, considering catching up on some TV for an hour but figured there were better things to do with my time.

Half an hour later, I pulled myself up from my seated position. I sighed and continued with the cleaning. I stood at the door and looked around, trying to figure out what this Roxy would see when she came in. I dashed around the room, sorting out anything I deemed a problem. When I returned to the door, the lounge looked like it belonged in a show home. I smiled, wondering if I had anything to drink in the fridge. There was some Champagne and a couple of bottles of wine and spirits. That would be enough. I grabbed myself a glass of water, downing it.

I repeated my cleaning method in each of the main rooms, dropping onto the sofa a couple of hours later. She'd be here any minute.

Shit. I needed to change. I darted into my bedroom, opening up the wardrobe and sifting through the contents. When I found something that looked cool and casual yet also sophisticated, I waited.

When I heard the buzzer go off, I nearly crapped myself. This was it. What was I supposed to say? "Erm, hello, I mean, hi. You must be, err, Roxy."

"Are you going to let me in?" She winked seductively. Wow. I could barely see her but she looked amazing. I let her in and retuned to my waiting, now eager for her knock on my door. I stood at the door, my hand hovering over the handle. She knocked loudly and I smiled.

I deserved this. I definitely deserved this. None of that stopped me thinking about her and that night. I couldn't get Sophia out of my head. I opened the door, hoping that Roxy could help me. "Come in." I said, watching her enter. Lucy had been right - she was great.

I shut the door, looking her up and down. "Wow." I sighed under my breath. "Nice to meet you." I said, grinning as she turned to face me and I felt like I had been slapped in the face. I knew her, didn't I?

The End

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