Milo: Pity and PossibilityMature

It had been a couple of hours since Lucy had left, wiggling her arse out of my office. Bloody Craig and his stupid plans.

I had felt bad for the girl; she had clearly been a little nervous so I had complimented her, trying to help out. I felt a little guilty for exaggerating a little but it had made a difference - she had seemed quite a bit more confident after that. She was a nice girl, beautiful and sexy and she looked like someone I knew but I couldn't quite place it. It was only a vague resemblance anyhow so I put it down to similar complexion to someone I had seen the night before and dismissed the thought from my mind.

I poured myself another drink, thinking about that damn Polaroid in my desk. I denied myself the pleasure and comfort of looking at it by locking the drawer and giving the key to security for safekeeping, knowing that I couldn't trust me self control.

I had had a pretty good day, considering that I had ended a relationship I didn't want anymore, had to hire two new members of staff and had a stripper surprise me at work. Actually, thinking about it, I couldn't really think of a downside.

Lucy had left me with a number, a name and an opportunity. It was all playing out in my mind; I was trying to figure out what to do.

I'd have been lying if I said I wasn't tempted or interested and if she was as much of a looker as Lucy then I'd be in for a good time. More likely, an expensive time. The other thing I had to consider was the sexual tension after leaving Mo. I had needs, it was as simple as that.

Screw it, I needed a night off. I had been working on the Voyager for months and I hadn't had chance to go out and get wasted or to meet someone. I made a quick call to Craig who organised a meeting with a deputy manager for me to hire in half an hour. I figured that I could leave them in charge of the bar and have a night all to myself.

I played with the phone in my hands, getting cold feet. Before I had chance to think about it, I made the call. A woman picked up and asked me what I wanted.

"Umm, I was given your number by Lucy." I stuttered into the phone.

"Oh so do you want to book her again?" The woman replied quickly.

"No actually. I was wondering if," My brain froze. What was the name? Shit, I couldn't remember. I had paused for too long so I guessed, saying the name quietly. "Ronnie was free tonight?"

I winced at my stupidity. "Did you say Roxy?" My plan had worked. I smiled, agreeing with the woman. We quickly talked over payment details and I gave her my address. "What was it you wanted?"

"Roxy, for the night." I said slowly, wondering what else there was that I could say.

"Sorry sir. I meant, what did you want to do with her?" Oh. Right.

"Nothing special." I said. I wanted this conversation to be over. "Just the usual." I hoped that that made sense to her, hating the awkwardness.

"Ok, thank you Mr Wells." And she hung up.

It was set.

I gulped down another drink, only then starting to worry.

The End

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