Sophia: Family TiesMature

My phone had been silent all day. Leticia had phoned with no bookings for me as of yet and, for once, I couldn’t care less. After last night, I deserved a bit of time to myself.

I’d spent a good part of the afternoon flat out on my bed gaining some much needed sleep and was now soaking in the bath, tending to my aching limbs. Mostly, I’d only have time for a very quick shower and to have the ability to run a bath and have all the time in the world was just magical. I missed moments like this.

I closed my eyes and cleared my mind. However, I couldn’t keep one thing off my mind… one person: Milo. Why was I so attached to this guy? I didn’t even know him. I’d not felt like this before and, if I’m perfectly honest, it scared the living day lights out of me.

My phone buzzed on the edge of the bath tub and I moaned. If this was Leticia, I swear I would kill her. This was my private time and I refused to have it disturbed. I reached out for it, despite my not wanting to, and looked at the caller ID on the screen. It was my little sister, Lucy.

“Hello?” I said, hitting the answer button and placing the speaker by my ear.

“Sophia!” she called back in a very energetic voice, “I’ve just been on a job and he said I was absolutely drop dead gorgeous!” I rolled my eyes and shook my head gently.

Oh Lucy… my darling, sweet, naïve little sister. How she hadn’t changed one bit since the last time I spoke to her. She had just turned eighteen and, half of the time, still acted as though she was still an over excitable five year old. I had no idea where she got her energy from, what with all of her exams coming up, but she ceased to surprise me.

“Did he now?” I replied.

“Yeah, he said I had the most amazing arse he’d ever seen.” She giggled back. Oh goodness.

Lucy was the only person who knew what my real job was. When she was still just sixteen – the same age I was when I started out – she came across one of my old journals and all of my secrets had been revealed. She’d confronted me about it, asking why I would do something like that to myself, and I simply just burst into tears. This was the kind of reaction that I feared the most: disgust.  Seeing I was upset, she’d comforted me and told me not to cry. Although she acted a lot younger than she actually was, there were times when it seemed as though she was the older sister, rather than me. She forgave me and actually admitted that she thought was, dare I say it, cool to do what I did.

I’d told her that she was crazy and that I never wanted her to do what I did ever in her entire life. Instead, she joined my agency as a stripper, as opposed to an escort, when she turned seventeen. I couldn’t say I was impressed by her decision but it was better than becoming an escort like me. Even though I sold myself, I didn’t want Lucy to; she was my little sister and I would always try to protect her, especially from having a firsthand experience of what some men could be like.

“You really shouldn’t allow them to say things like that to you, Lucy,” I told her, “I don’t like to think of men gawking at my little sister like that.”

“You can’t say much, though, compared to what you do.” She answered. She gasped quickly on her end of the line, “Oh my gosh! I’m sooo sorry, Sophia! I didn’t mean to say it like that, honest!”

“It’s okay,” I murmured, disguising the hurt that I felt inside for what she’d just blurted out, “I know you don’t mean it.”

“I really am sorry. But, you might be happy when I tell you this.”

“Will I?” I asked, concerned. Whenever Lucy did anything nice for me, it was usually something that she would like and I’d just be tagging along. It had always been the same with her.

“Yes! The guy that I strip teased for tonight said that I was very good and seemed very keen. Now, obviously I don’t do more than just take my clothes off so I said to him ‘If you were interested in more’ and I gave him a quick little wink ‘then you might want to contact my agency and ask for Roxy’. I gave him the agency’s number and assured him that you were the best they had to offer. Aren’t I the best sister ever, or what?”

“Or what,” I answered, rubbing my temples with my thumb and forefinger with my free hand, “Lucy, darling, I appreciate you trying to get me work but I prefer it when it comes through Leticia. For all I know, this guy you’ve been booked for could be some psychopath that might try and kill me.”

“Well he didn’t try and kill me,” she defended herself. I could just picture herself crossing her arms and frowning to herself. I smiled, imagining this image in my head, “he actually seemed quite nice. Humble. I don’t think he’d try and kill you.”

“Okay,” I gave in, “if he contacts the agency and Leticia gets through to me I’ll take him.”

“Yay!” she applauded herself, a girlish giggle stringing through her words, “you won’t regret this, Sophia, I know you won’t. I have to go now. I love you!”

“I love you too.” I replied, hanging up the phone and placing it back on the edge of the bath. I cupped my face into the palms of my hands and groaned. That’s all I needed. I was now relying on my little sister to make recommendations for me just so I would book appointments. It didn’t seem right. If I did book this guy, though, I needed to be focused and really set out to impress. My reputation and my job was on the line.

The End

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