Milo: MeetingsMature

Mo had cleared out of my office by the time I got back. Thank God. I sat behind my desk, getting out my bottle of Scotch. She had clearly found it last night and finished it off. Shit.

I crept out of my office, taking a new bottle from the bar. I held it to my chest, thinking hard. I had a fair few interviews later and I was not looking forward to any of them. I took a swig from the bottle, hiding away back in my office.

The phone rang. The noise reverberated throughout the room. I didn't want to pick it up; it would mean accepting that the day had started and that yesterday was over. I felt the photo in my pocket once more and smiled as I picked the receiver up.

"Whenever Craig." I said, putting it back down.

The first person came in fifteen minutes later, his shirt half open. "Is there a problem?" I asked, looking confused.

"Not at all." He said in what sounded like a Spanish accent. "I am Ricardo. You need barman yes?" I smiled politely and nodded. The main part of the interview passed quite quickly, his English being better than I had expected. We proceeded out into the bar where he wowed me with his skills, making cocktails with his eyes shut. More or less. I tried each of the drinks, taking a couple of sips per glass until I was satisfied with his work.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. It was Craig asking me what else I needed. Before I had chance to ask for another bartender, a woman walked into the club, high heels making her look taller than she actually was.

"I'm Bethany." She explained with a giggle. "But you can call me Beth."

She positioned herself behind the bar and started to impress me. She definitely fit the bill, looking the part with her low-cut top and large cleavage. She was a nice it of eye candy for the guys, much like Ricardo was for the ladies. Problem solved.

"I have an idea." I said, after sampling her drinks. "Let's have a race. I'll give you three drinks to make and we'll see who gets them done first." Arguably, it wasn't my best of ideas but it made me smile watching the two people try to move around each other in the fairly cramped space. I didn't really care who won - they both got the job anyway. Beth ran over to me and hugged me in thanks, Ricardo choosing to simply nod knowingly.

I had quite a good team.

Craig texted me again saying "I bet you like her." I wanted to text something scathing back, but didn't think he was worth it. I found myself back in my office, having another drink. I pulled the photo out of my pocket and examined it. It was a little crumpled but still looked good. I didn't have time to put it in a frame since someone knocked at the door. I hastily hid the picture, unsure why.

I wasn't expecting anyone. Craig hadn't sent anyone else had he? The others had all left; I was alone.

"Come in!" I yelled. A young woman, looking barely 18 walked into the room, tight clothing showing off her features. "And who are you?"

"Lucy." She said with a smile. "I'm the stripper." I looked at her for a moment, partly trying to figure out why the hell she was here but also to check her out.

"I'm sorry but you've come to the wrong place. This isn't that sort of club." I said, regretting every word.

"You are Milo Wells right?" I nodded. "Then this is the right place."

That's when I realised what was going on. Craig had set this up. She closed the door and I was about to protest when I looked at her again. She was hot and by the looks of her very slutty. Definitely more experienced than Sophia. I tapped the drawer which held the Polaroid once, reminding me that that wasn't going to happen; that was the past. 

This was the present.

The End

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