Milo: The Morning AfterMature

I couldn't stop myself from groaning. It wasn't because of the alcohol consumption from the night before, or what me and, mainly, Mo had done last night. It was because I had given up on Sophia.

I had thought about her all night, her face making my insomnia more bearable. I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I should have chased after her, caught up with her and kissed her again. It would have been the perfect moment.

But I blew it. Again.

I heard Mo stirring under the blanket I had used to cover our bodies as we spent the night on the sofa. She stretched out, her arms in the air. She smiled at me sleepily, wrapping her arms around me. "Morning."

"Is it?" I said, moving around on the sofa to face her. She was still the wrong one.

She snuggled into me, pressing her naked body against mine. "Another round?" She winked at me, her eyes begging for it.

"Not now, Mo." I moved out of her way, grabbing some of my clothes. She leaned off of the sofa and spanked me.

"Come on Milo!" she shouted gleefully. "Forget about her and come back to me."

I looked at her seriously, wondering what the hell she was going on about. "Pardon?"

"That girl you were flirting with at the bar. She's gone. She left. I'm still here." She threw the blanket off, moving over to me. "Come back to me, Milo."

I dressed quickly, leaving my office. She yelled something at me but I didn't care. I didn't want her anymore. I couldn't have Sophia. Well wasn't this being a shitty few days.

I found myself at the door, bending over to pick something up. At first I thought it was some sort of leaflet but when I looked at it more closely, I saw that it was a Polaroid. It was us, me holding Sophia. I slid it into my pocket, opening the doors.

It was a brand new day. Who knows what could happen?

But as my mind drifted back to my issues, I looked at the photo again and smiled. Maybe things would get better.

The End

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