Milo: The Wrong OneMature

I watched Sophia fade into the darkness, wanting the ground to swallow me whole. I knew that I wanted her and the woman that I had seen in her as we kissed had been so amazing. She seemed so innocent, as if she had never been kissed like that. She had been so passionate and so caring and that one moment had been what I had wanted all night.

But she was gone now and I didn't know if I'd ever see her again. I thought she had been different. Since the divorce, it had been tough and I had foolishly thought I had a happy ending.

I walked back into the club, my head low. It was a complete mess and I didn't care. I slumped down on the floor, unable to move. Scott was finishing up for the night and Mo was still behind the bar, helping herself to another drink.

"You did well, Scott." I shouted across the empty room. He smiled at me and it looked like he winked, but I couldn't exactly tell. He patted my shoulder as he left, whispering something that I couldn't hear.

I shut my eyes for a minute, hoping that sleep would take over and I would wake up to, well I didn't care as long as it was better.

I opened my eyes to see Mo sauntering over to me, a smile on her face. She sat beside me, placing her on my shoulder. "It sucks doesn't it?"

I nodded, fighting back my emotions. "Always does." I felt her hand grab mine. She smiled reassuringly but it didn't help. She squeezed my hand. I just wanted her to go but I didn't have the energy to.

She held my chin, pulling me into a kiss. As I felt her tongue slip into my mouth, I felt a little sick. I had had too much to drink but I wasn't sure if that was the real reason. Part of me wanted her to be angry, I had left her but she still wanted me.

When she pulled away, the sparkle in her eye was faded. It was desperation. She was desperate and in so many ways so was I. I had thrown myself at some woman that I'd never see again and got rejected.

I got up, carrying Mo back to my office and locking the door. She looked at me from her seated position on my desk, lust taking over. I closed my eyes and let myself go.

She was still the wrong one.

The End

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