Milo: Another DrinkMature

I smiled when she told me she would stay, offering her another drink.

"Now you really are trying to get me drunk.". She said playfully, taking another sip. I shook my head in defiance, smiling.

"Why would a perfectly nice person like me do that to a perfectly nice person like you?" I laughed, checking the rest of the club. We were done for the night. It had been great. But it wasn't over. Not with Sophia still here.

"What are you drinking?" She said, hiding the slight slur well.

"Nothing." I replied smoothly.

"Well I'd be less suspicious if you had a drink too." I watched her drink some more, her eyes penetrating my soul. I poured myself a scotch on the rocks, placing it on the bar for her to see. She smiled happily.

"You know," I said. "I'm looking for a place to live." She looked at me blankly for a second before she understood what I meant. Must have been the drink. I took a swig from my own before continuing. "I live above this club, and it is so loud!" We shared a brief laugh. It hadn't been that funny. She must have been pitying me. Why else would someone so nice be talking to me?

"Another?" I asked, finishing my drink. She shook her head so I just filled my glass up.

"Should you be drinking your stock?" She asked with a giggle. I joined the laugh, leaning on the bar more than I should have needed to.

"You're more than welcome to come back." I whispered, moving closer to her.

"I'm still here." She replied. "Not going anywhere yet."

"No but for future reference." I fumbled in my pocket, pulling out a business card. "You decide to come back and there's someone else out here, you show them this. You'll get some free drinks then."

I slid it across the bar to her, my hand shaking a little. She picked it up slowly and our eyes met. I smiled, wondering what to say to break the silence.

"Milo." Mo said, standing beside me.

I turned to her, the smile still on my face. "You feeling better?" Crap. I had forgotten all about her. She nodded, placing the empty vodka bottle behind the bar.

"Can I have a word please?" she moved down the bar, away from Sophia. I smiled, mouthing 'one minute' to her.

"Yeah Mo. What is it?" We were out of her earshot but I had positioned myself so I could still see her out of the corner of my eye. There was something about her.

"What I said earlier. I take it back. You were much better than him anyway." She stepped towards me, trying to kiss me. I backed away and for a split second, I wondered why. I had Mo back again. Why was I questioning this? It just didn't feel quite right. "Please?" She begged, pouting. The sparkle was back in her cried-out eyes but there was something else too. Raw passion and desire.

I looked back at Sophia, smiling. She was nice, a friend but I couldn't help but wonder if she only cared since I was giving her drinks on the house.

I faced Mo and was suddenly aroused. She was centimetres away from me, leaning her body into me. I could already imagine us together again, doing all the things we hadn't had chance to so before. But what if she leaves me again for the next guy in town?

I went and grabbed my drink, downing it. I shut my eyes and tried to figure out what I should do.

The End

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