Milo: UpsetMature

"Nice to meet you Sophia." I smiled, taking her hand. I wondered if kissing it would be too much so I decided to leave it at a simple hand shake, withdrawing my hand a little early. I took a tentative sip of the beer. "You know I shouldn't really be drinking. Not while I'm working anyway." I laughed, wondering if she could tell how little I cared about what I should and shouldn't do.

"I'm sure one will be fine." She said, looking at me. It felt like she was examining me, trying to figure me out as she sipped at her Martini. She didn't know how seductively she was drinking, that I was sure of. I looked back at her, trying to weigh her up.

"Gin and tonic." A woman further down the bar said loudly, clearly an impatient woman.

"I'll be right back." I smiled at Sophia before giving the woman her drink. I reluctantly garnished the glass with a wedge of lime, wishing I could throw it at her instead. She seemed to be a little stuck up, as if she owned the place. 'No you don't bitch.' I thought to myself, forcing a smile as I gave her her change.

"Now where were we?" I asked my new friend, watching her drink more of her Martini.

"You were drinking on the job." She reminded me, looking smart.

"That's right!" I replied, taking a rather large gulp of the beer.

"If you don't mind me saying," I hesitated, unsure whether what I was about to say was extremely stupid or not. Oh well, too late. She was already looking at me with inquiring eyes so I finished. "But you don't really seem like the person who comes to clubs like this much."

She looked at me for a minute, taking in what I had just said. She had another sip, as if she was trying to buy herself time for her answer. The mystery around her intrigued me; I wanted to talk to her more.

That was when Mo appeared by my side, tugging on my arm a little.

"One minute." I sighed, turning to Mo. "What is it?"

"Are you busy?" She asked, that shimmer in her eye hidden by a couple of stray tears.

"I'm with a customer. What happened?" I asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"He wasn't interested. He's found someone else. Someone younger." I pulled her into a sympathetic hug, trying to figure out how old she was.

"Well he wasn't worth it." I said, breaking off the embrace. "Why don't you get yourself a drink and go sit in my office for a bit?" I smiled, watching as her shaking hands grabbed half a bottle of vodka.

"Will you come with me?" She asked, her dulcet tones drowned by her emotion.

"I have to run the bar, Mo but I'll pop in later to check you're alright, yeah?" She braved a smile, sauntering off. I couldn't stop myself from checking her out. "And don't be sick!" I yelled, turning back to Sophia.

She was looking out into the dance floor, cradling her Martini. I took a sip of my beer, wishing I could have something a little more potent. "You much of a dancer?" I shouted over the music but she couldn't have heard me. Eventually she turned back.

"It is really good here." she said, making me laugh.

I looked at her; she seemed really quite shy and I wanted to hear more about her. I wanted to get to know her. But she was just a customer and I couldn't imagine why she'd come back. As I dealt with the others, I tried to figure out if she was worth talking to. I knew that even if I only had that night with her, it would be worth it. I approached her with a smile. "Another one?" I asked. She seemed hesitant so I made the decision for her. I fished around for what I needed and made her my special cocktail. I placed it in front of her with a grin.

"My own concoction." I smiled. "On the house."

"What's it called?" She asked, leaning in to it to take a sniff.

"No name as of yet." I explained. "Maybe you could help come up with one." She politely took a sip before putting it back down.

"I'll have a think about that." We laughed. She was great. Really great.

The End

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