Milo: Change of PlanMature

I woke with a start, hearing a knock on the door. Craig came in, sitting opposite me.

"You have been ignoring my calls and missing interviews. What is it with you?" He slammed his fist down on my desk, sending shockwaves through my head.

"Hard day." I sighed, ignoring him. "Drink?" I was already pouring before he answered. I took my glass and downed the contents with relish.

"So what aren't you telling me?" he asked, staring straight at me.

And then it came to me - my gloriously impulsive decision. "We are opening tonight, just a one-off. Probably. Test run for your guy, Scott. He any good?"

"He is excellent." Craig said, dismissing that part of what I said. "Tonight?"

I nodded, trying to figure out what was wrong with what I was saying. "Yes tonight. In," I checked my watch. "Two hours."

"So who will turn up?" he said, standing up and moving to the door.

"Spread the word, Craig. That's what you do best." I offered him another drink, enjoying my own.

"You owe me." he said, storming off. Mo appeared at the door.

"You have friends?" I said slightly too loud. She nodded. "Well tell them we open tonight. Bring that guy too. The one you have a date with tomorrow."

"What?" she said, shocked.

"Now." I said, taking another drink. I just had to call Scott and explain then everything was set. I could work behind the bar with Mo. Or something.

It would be fine. Everything would be fine.

The End

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