Milo: MusicalityMature

The man was attractive, that was something I couldn't deny. As he sauntered across the club, I watched Mo look him over. He had our attention alright.

He was the DJ Craig had sent over and when a guy comes with credentials like that, he's probably good. He shook my hand eagerly, grinning.

"Heya. I'm Scott." he said, walking into my office. I caught Mo stare at his ass as he went, laughing to myself.

"So Scott, how do you know Craig?" I asked, sitting down.

"Personal reasons." He winked. "I like working under him."

I raised my eyebrows in understanding. I had just learnt a lot more about my best friend and colleague than I had expected to. "Congrats. So music? Your passion or something?"

"Absolutely." He uttered in a high pitched voice. I gestured for him to carry on, but he kept his mouth shut.

There was a knock on the door. Mo smiled widely as she came in. "Milo. Can I have a word with you outside?"

"One second." She shut the door behind her. "Well Scott you seem like a perfectly nice guy and all but you're going to need to prove yourself."

He looked at me, his eyes twinkling. A cheeky smile grew on his face as he pulled himself out of the chair and started to climb over the desk towards me. He licked his lips seductively. My eyes widened as I pushed back into my seat, moving away from him.

"Not like that!" I shouted, waiting to topple backwards. But I didn't. He sunk back into his seat, like time had gone backwards. "So you figure that out and sort some music stuff and I'll be back soon. There's everything you should need in the corner there and don't steal anything."

I left him to it, smiling at Mo behind the bar. "He seems nice."

"Very nice." I agreed, waiting for her to tell me what she wanted. She took my hand, leading me away. Since my office was occupied, we met in the toilets.

As we did what we did every other hour, she sighed in my ear. We only did this to kill time and to stave off loneliness. It had been a long time since I had had anyone in my life and having time with Mo, her pressed up against the wall, moaning with pleasure, was the best thing that had happened to me lately, other than getting the Voyager ready for opening.

As she screamed something indecipherable, we parted and cleaned up. She looked at me, her smile fading. "Milo we need to talk."

"Don't bother." I muttered, moving to the door.

"I'm going on a date tomorrow night. Just organised it. He's a great guy." She said, but I was already gone. I clamped my eyes shut, thinking hard.

I barged into my office, making Scott jump. He played what he had sorted out in the fifteen minutes I had been away, clearly proud of his work. But I wasn't listening. I nodded when he finished and ushered him out, telling him I'd call him with my decision.

The meaningless sex with Mo was over. I pulled a bottle of scotch from a desk drawer and grabbed a glass. I checked my watch; it was 1pm. Time for a drink. Or five.

The End

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