Milo: New BloodMature

I smiled, watching the burly men finish off the work. It was finally ready, my club. After months of work and enough money to make a dent in poverty, it was finished. Now it was more or less just a waiting game between that moment and opening night one week away.

I sighed, my right hand diving into my pocket. I pulled out my iPod, plugging it into a dock behind the bar and listening as my music filtered out of the speakers dotted around the rather large underground room. I felt like having a rave on my own, taking a bottle from the bar and enjoying myself for a change but knew that that would be detrimental to everything.

Especially since I knew I still needed some staff. I kicked the bar, knowing that it wouldn't help. "Mistake worth making." I muttered under my breath as I stole back my iPod, listening as the room silenced immediately. Only the sound of my solitary footsteps away from the dance floor and into my office could be heard.

I shut the door behind me, picking up the phone from the mahogany desk. I punched in the numbers and waited for my friend to pick up. "Craig I don't have time," I said, ignoring whatever story he had to tell me this time. "Can you send anyone my way? I need people for the club."

I waited for him to sift through his notes. "Well sooner rather than later preferably. I'd like to see them today if possible." I sat behind my desk, leaning into the chair. "Good. ASAP, understand? Good lad."

I put the phone back down on the receiver and let my mind wander. It had taken years of planning but now it was ready. The glorious sign outside said "Voyager" and what a voyage it had been.

I picked myself up, wandering out of the warren of corridors, escaping into the light of day. I found a coffee shop just down the street and ordered a coffee to go.

"Aren't you the guy from the club?" The woman by the till asked. I nodded, making eye contact for just a second. She was a looker this one. I smiled at her, handing over the money. "You got a minute?" She looked to her co-workers suspiciously before slipping out past them and joining me in the open air.

I offered her a cigarette but she denied politely. "So what can I do you for?" I asked, lighting up.

"I hear you're looking for people." she said quietly.

"You make me sound like some pimp." I laughed, sipping the scolding hot coffee.

"Workers then." She looked at me, her eyes betraying how she regretted talking to me.

"Now I traffic people do I?" I smirked but she wasn't impressed. "I know what you mean and yes but why do you care?"

"I'm looking for a better job. Will you pay me more?" She was blunt; I liked that.

"Most definitely." I took another sip of coffee, this time spitting it out. "Want an interview?"

"Yeah thanks." She grinned.

"It's just a formality really." I chucked the cup into a bin, walking off. "Pop over whenever."

I didn't look back at her as I walked off. I got back to the Voyager and sat in my office, waiting for something to happen. There was a knock on the door; I knew it was that waitress since I had told them not to let anyone else in. At least I already had security.

"Come in." I called. She opened the door and smiled. She sat opposite me and waited. "Name?"

"Mo." I smiled, writing it down.


"19." I smiled again, putting a little tick next to her name.

"Why should I give you the job?" I asked, expecting a smartass answer.

"Because not only am I good at what I do but people love me." She leaned forward. "And I'll do anything to get ahead."

"Oh yeah? Such as?" I put down my notepad and leaned in to her, feeling her breath on my face.

"Anything." She whispered.

I didn't need to lock the door - nobody came anywhere bear my office, even when they heard screaming. About half an hour later, Mo left my office, a wide smile on both of her faces.

I had an employee. Things were looking up.

The End

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