Stephie: walking homeMature

Me and Dan left Aimee's house quite late at night and walking home on my own seemed like a bad idea.

"Hey Dan, you wouldn't mind giving me a lift home would you?"

"Sorry I can't, I want to get home as soon as possible"

"Oh but please, I don't want to walk through the alleys on my own"

"Come on Steph, a big girl like you? What have you got to fear?"

"Murderers, rapists, kids with guns and knives. The list goes on"

"I just can't take you back Steph, what's the harm in walking back? It's only the once. What are the chances of any of those people going near you?"

"Fine, but if I die, I'm blaming you" I nudged Dan in the stomach with my elbow playfully. "See you tomorrow."

"Yeah, see you"

I watched as Dan got inside his car and drove off down the road.  The streetlight above me flickered slightly.

"Here goes nothing" I said to myself, wrapping my coat closer around me.

The first few alleys to my house were fine. I didn't meet anyone down them and they were dimly lit so I could find my way. Walking down the fourth or fifth alley I spotted a hooded figure by the opening on the other side. I hurried my pace a little hoping to slip past them with no trouble. Just as I reached the opening they grabbed my coat and thrust me up against the wall. I hit my head on it and my head started to throb.

"Leave Aimee alone." they had a voice that resembled a growl.

"No! She's my friend" I looked them up and down. They were wearing black jeans, black converse a black hoodie pulled up around their face and they had a red checked scarf over their mouth. The only thing I could see of them was their eyes which were a pale violet.

"Stop trying to find who gave her the rose"

"Who are you?"

"That doesn't matter"

"Yes it does! Did you send her the rose?"

"Just promise me to stop trying to find out who it was"

"I promise that I will stop looking for them"

"Good, who else knows about the rose?"

"No one" I lied "she only told me"

"Good, don't tell Aimee about this meeting. If you do" The figure pulled a knife out of their back pocket "I think you can guess what'll happen" The figure let go of my shoulders and ran out of the alley. I fell to my knees and started to cry. Then picked myself up and ran all the way back to my house. I promised that I wouldn't look for the mysterious person with the rose but I never said anything about Aimee, Dan and Leo looking for it.


The End

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