We went to the cinema to watch a new film and take our minds off Dan's dad. We'd finished the film and were waiting for a pizza when i realised I hadn't asked Cat about whether she knew anything about the rose. I must ask her next time I see her.

We grabbed the pizza and headed to my house. I grabbed my keys and was grappling with the door when Dan shouted,

"Hey, i found another rose."

I turned and saw him holding a rose almost identical to the one I found last. Taking it I smelt it, beautiful.

"Where was it?"

"Next to the gate."

"Ok, I have to find out who this person is."

"Before they buy up the entire population's roses you mean?"

"Yeah, something like that."

We went in the house and I put the rose with the other in a vase. All three of us stayed up till late talking and eating pizza and ice cream.

"Coffee shop tomorrow?" I said as Dan and Stephie left.

"Yeah, lets solve this mystery."

The End

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