Dan: VisitingMature

When I got to the school that Aimee works at they told me she left half an hour ago.I hated tracking down people but I wanted an excuse to delay visiting my dad. I was sorta in denile of his condition until I met him I wouldn't believe it. I hopped onto another bus and plugged myself into the realm of music, a funny way of passing the time for me.  As I sat there The bus stopped near a cafe. Isnt that where she goes to hang with her freinds stephie? What coincedence and how convenient. I think to my self as I get off the bus. 

I walked in Aimee was staring down on Steph who was sitting on a couch with some guy.  I pretended I didn't notice them and ordered a hot chocolate with whipcream , just like a little kid. Which should catch some eyes since i'm an aldult.

"Dan?" I hear her familiar voice.

I take an earphone out of my ear.

" Huh? Oh hey Aimee." I say with a smile. gingerely taking the kiddy drink I just payed for.

" What brings you back here?" She asks.

I sorta delay nervously a second.

" Dad, cancer." Was I could say.


The End

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