Stephie: Kissing in the CafeMature

Thursday after work I decided to take a trip down to the coffee shop. I was hoping to accidentally bump into the lucious Leo. We'd put him on Aimee's list but he didn't really seem her type. Then again... who's type was he? Mine? Maybe, I'm not sure. I'd never though of him in that way, not properly anyway. Maybe, I'd give it a go, if he made the first move.

"Hello! Hello? Stephie? Can you hear me? Helloooooo?" I blinked out of my daydream and looked up to see Leo sitting opposite me, arms outstretched holding a steaming cup of coffe. I took it from him with a smile.

"Sorry, you were sat all on your own and I'm not working so I thought I'd buy you a coffee because you didn't have one. Then I sat with you cause you're all on your own and the other one isn't here and I like talking to you and..."

"Leo! Stop. Thanks, I appreciate it. It means a lot" I felt heat rise up in my cheeks and saw redness in his. I looked down into the coffee cup and took a sip.

"So Leo, do you have any ideas who sent Aimee that rose?"

"Aimee who? Sorry? I don't think I know her" confusion lined his angelic features.

"You know, Aimee, I'm always in here with her"

"Oh so THAT'S Aimee!"

"Yeah, you sound like you know something about her"

"Oh, it's nothing" his eyes dropped to the floor and he started running his finger around the edge of the coffee cup "Just one of the girls at work talks about her a lot"


"Oh yeah! She's a popular topic when we're on our lunch break"

"Wow! What've they been saying about her?"

"I'm not sure I should tell you, what with you being her best friend and all"

"Oh come on Leo! You can trust me" I moved myself onto the sofa beside him "Can't you?"

"I can, but not when you're so close to..." I leaned in and put my head on his shoulder, unleashing a hundred butterflies in my stomach "... whatsherface"

"Aimee" I whispered absentmindedly. I could feel his warm breath brushing past my face. I could smell his aftershave subtly mixing in with the stench of coffee. I turned my head to face him and take in his features once more but my lips brushed his. Before my brain could keep up with my body, we were kissing. My mouth moving in perfect sinc with his. It felt so right yet there was a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that I should stop.

"Ahem" A voice sounded from behind us. Leo pulled away reluctantly and turned to face our intruder. It was Aimee, she'd come to see me in the cafe.

The End

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