Freya: Poisoned chocolates...Mature

"Dum da la lum, da la laaaaaaaaaa!" I sing as I plop down next to David.

He groans, putting his head in his hands, "Do you have too?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do." I laugh, leaning backwards,  "Hey, Frank, can I please borrow a pen?"

He sighs, "I suppose, what do you need it for anyway? This is drama, not English."

"Yes, well done, you have finally learnt your timetable..." I pull out a bag of chocolates, "Chocolate?"

"Oooh ye-"

"Don't do it!" David excaims, taking the chocolate away.

"What why?" Frank looks confused.

"This is Freya where on about, she could have poisoned them!"

"Oh yeah, 'cause the first thing I do in the morning, is poison chocolates." I add scarcastically, pinching a chocolate, popping it in my mouth. I smirk and turn to the teacher, who's glaring at us.

The End

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