Dan: BackMature

I was moving back first thing I was gonna do was say hi to Aimee, then of course find a job. I thought exitedly as I packed my things.

" See you later , crummy penticton, fairwell." I say happily zipping up my last bag of possesions I had about 2 bags of them I really haven't settled down anywhere yet so I just went where the wind blew , and it was back to my old home town. My Dad was falling ill with cancer aproximatly a year to live. I was pretty torn about that but excited to see all of my old friends. The flight back wasn't long and moving into my apartment only took a few hours, Jet lag took hold and I fell asleep on my bags till the next morning.

I wake up knowing saying hi to everyone was going to have to wait seeing I only had one chair as funirture. With my wallet full I bout my self a T.V stand, pull out bed couch, crappy dining room set , and cours a real bed and appliance. One I lugged that all back into my apartment and a new home. I knew I was broke and probably owed some money to the bank.  Now it was time to drop by Aimee, I wonder if she knew if I was here.

The End

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