Aimee: the mystery continuesMature

I'm glad to see Stephie seems to be getting along with people again. I remember when she broke up with her last boyfriend; she must have single handedly destroyed half a rainforest with the amount of tissues she used. She loves the idea that there's some secret admirer for me out there. And the list she drew up:

Leo- nice, HOT- but so not your type...all the more for me! :) helped you home with your shopping.

Tanya (shops) doesn't know where you live. Is always looking at you when you shop. Creepy, just saying!

Simon(work) drives you home, knows you like women so probably not, but you never know, always was a romantic, i've dated him...hello friend code???

David(work) has been round for parties, also a HOTTIE (why do all the hot guys teach at your school mine has none) english teacher so...hello romance novels!

Catarina(work) I don't know her, but didn't she drop you off at your house after that teacher party? And she's gay isn't she? Spanish teacher...nice. lol x

Alana(work) new so hasn't been to a party yet...hey i haven't met her!!!! I need to! Isn't she the one who looks like a pug? lol x

Alex(ex-girlfriend) if it's her i'll tear her limb from limb, promise babe. bitch can't just come back like she did when she left you the first time, she ran off with someone else this time, it's just not happening! You deserve better. Forget about the lowlife bitch.

What an interesting list, especially the last point. My weakness, the one person to ever break my heart. And with my own sister as well. There is the tell tale throb in my chest. One month, and yet I still feel as though it was only yesterday she told me she was leaving.

Enough of that. Time for a glass of wine and some cheer up chocolates.

The End

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