Stephie: The Coffee ShopMature

The door to the coffee shop swung open and Aimee walked in holding a single, red rose.

"Aimee! Over here!" I waved and nudged an empty arm chair in her direction. She wandered over, a distant expression across her face, and plonked herself into it. She sighed, threw the rose on the table and leaned back in her chair.

I picked up the rose, examining it. It was perfect in every way. No thorns were poking out the sides and the stem was an emerald green, completely flawless. My eyes wandered up to the petals. They hadn't begun to wilt or anything, the blood-like colour bright against the plain white table.

"So who gave you this?" I asked.

"I don't know" Aimee dropped her eyes to the table and picked up her coffee that had been brought over by one of the staff.

"Surely you have some idea of who it could be?"

"Well I have a few ideas but that's just it, anyone could have sent it"

"Have you made a list of names?"

"No I haven't! What is this? 21 questions?" thin lines began to appear on her forehead where she was becomming angry with herself, the person who sent the rose and with me.

"Sorry but this is so exciting! It never happens in real life!" I pulled my notebook out of my bag "Shall we make a list together then?"


We spent hours writing, crossing out and re-writing names. Aimee started off naming all the people she had been out with, then I named all the people I knew who fancied her. After that we crossed off people who didn't know where she lived and added a couple of extra people who did. It took a while but we managed to narrow the list down to 10.

"Excuse me ladies, I'm about to close up, would you mind leaving?" A husky male voice said from behing me. Aimee's eyes dropped to the floor. I recognized the voice so I turned to face the person who was talking. It was Leonardo, he was just older than us. He had long, curly blonde hair and big, baby-blue eyes.

"Err... yeah sure, come on Aimee, we don't want to out-stay our welcome" I grabbed her arm and dashed to the door, secretly passing her the list on the way.

"Wait!" Leonardo called after us "you forgot your rose! I turned to Aimee and she looked up to meet my gaze. Her eyes then flicked from the rose to me and back again.

"Oh yeah. Don't want to forget that" She mumbled. Aimee took the rose and left without another word.

"Sorry about her. She's a bit... down"

"Nah it's fine don't worry about it."

"See you again sometime"

"I'm sure I will" Leo shut the door behind him and locked it. I walked over to the bus stop and hopped on the first bus that would take me home.

The End

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