Romance by roses.Mature

A rose left on the doorstep of a young woman's house leads to the person who steals her heart, but is it the one who placed the rose originally? Now she has to deal with a past broken heart when she meets her old flame, and the trouble she gets in to as she works out the inner workings of her heart.

One single rose, left on my doorstep. But the mystery is, from who? My love life hasn't been all it could be recently, but it's hard to get out when your last girlfriend cheated on you with your own sister. You know what I mean. And now the rose.

It intrigues me to think about it. I've always been interested in mysteries, and now here is my very own, ready to explore.  So who could it be? Perhaps the girl from behind the counter in my favourite coffee shop? Or perhaps it's the guy who is always staring at me when I sit down with my coffee. That would be a shame, he always looked so creepy. And of course he isn't really my type. Could it be someone I have never noticed before, someone I would have to work to get to know. Or a stalker. that would be the worst of it.

The rose feels soft as I run it against my cheek. Surely something so beautiful could not be sent by someone with wrong intentions. So I must keep my eyes open for any likely suspects. Well, time for a cup of coffee, and that will be the first place I look for my admirer.

The End

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