Aimee: UniversityMature

I spent the rest of summer without a single word from Harry. At first I thought he might be still doing community service, but then he was not answering his phone, and he didn't come to see me. Weeks passed. I gave up waiting and just got really annoyed.

When Harry finally came round and explained I felt stupid. Of course! Of course his parents would ground him. So I spent an hour with him, just talking about or life. Could we be together, forever? University seemed like it would seperate us easily.


I looked around at the campus and grinned. This place was incredible; everything I wanted in a university. As I relaxed in my room, Harry called.

I conversed with him, but my room mate arrived and so I was interrupted.

"I love you." I told him, and then hung up.

"Hey, I'm Aimee."

"Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Kallie." Kallie had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She grinned and shook my hand.

I think I was going to get along with her.


The End

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