Louise Ketley: Fairytale EndingMature

After a week or so of being laid up in hospital I was happy when I was eventually discharged and we were all able to go home. Well I say home, home for the others but not for me or even Silas.

We all piled into the large police van which was taking us home looking relieved to be going home but also maybe a little sad.

“Wow, what an eventful month” Harry said sighing dramatically; Aimee rested her head affectionately on his shoulder. “Yeah and we still have our punishment to do when we get back and then it’s off to uni” Aimee said.

“I can’t believe that we are all off to university, who would have thought it!” Flossie chimed in with a grin. “Yeah It’s madness, I can remember meeting you all for the first time” Aimee said, “You were playing bumper cars with a cardboard car cutout when I first met you” Aimee said to Harry pulling him into a kiss.

We all chatted animatedly in the back of the police van for the entire journey home, all laughing and crying and discussing how fantastic the roadtrip had been, even though Harry had written off the RV, we had been chased across the states and we had to make fake identities – Harry’s new identity seemed to have stuck as Aimee insisted on calling him Harold from now on.

“Hey I know our roadtrip didn’t exactly go to plan, but I think that in 4 years time, when we have all finished uni we should all go away for our gap year, maybe not a roadtrip, maybe a 5 star hotel?” Aimee suggested and we all nodded and murmured our agreement in unison. “You too Lou, you’re part of the group now” Flossie said pulling me into a hug.

We spent the next couple of weeks doing charity work to make up for our ‘crimes’ but as soon as that was over Silas packed up all his belongings and after an emotional goodbye we climbed onto a train which would take us to West Virginia – and to our new life together.


“We would like to promote you to Police Constable Officer Ketley, throughout the past month and a bit you have demonstrated real courage, especially when it came to confronting people who are meant to be protecting people - fellow policemen." The current police constable informed me, making me scream with happiness.

Since the press conference, the people involved in the illegal wrongdoings and the murder of many innocent people had been arrested and had been trialed and imprisoned and now the police were more reliable than ever. The bullet wound in my side was a constant reminder of my courage and willingness to help and protect people from harm.

My life was back on track, I had my dream job, and my dream boyfriend who loved me for me and who would cherish me forever and I never wanted that to change.

Some may even say that I got the fairytale ending that I was dreaming for.


The End

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