Silas: True BeautyMature

 The summer had been too long, yet still not long enough. I hadn't had much chance to see everyone else with only a quick hello to Livvy and a short hug with Flossie being it. Except, of course, for Lou. My Lou.

They were showing me around, again. "I do know where I am." I explained to the older guy.

"Yeah well there are some things that you don't know." He snapped. He was clearly having a bad day. "Where are you staying?" He had stopped suddenly and was facing me.

"A flat off campus." I explained. "That a problem?" I pulled a confident smile onto my face and continued walking ahead of him. "To your right you will find my psychology classroom, yes?" I turned sharply on my heels, maybe a little too 'ballet' for him.

"Yes." He grunted, like a depressed ape.

"And down that corridor, third on the left is the nearest toilet, yes?"

The ape nodded before storming off, finally getting the message that he wasn't wanted. I retreated into a corner and pulled out my new cell. Three new messages.

'Hey Silas. Good luck at West Virginia. See you soon xx' from an unknown number. I stared at it for a couple of seconds before deleting it - probably someone sending those stupid messages to everyone, personalising them enough to make them feel special. Good riddance.

'You coming home? x' from Lou ten minutes ago.

'Silas. Come home. Now.' from Lou thirty seconds ago.

I dialled her number, concerned about the tone of the last message - that wasn't like her. She didn't pick up. I set off at a run, knowing that I could be back at our place in a couple of minutes if I could maintain my pace. Surprisingly (to me at least) I beat my personal best and went crashing through the door to the flat, desperate for air. "Lou!" I called.

"Silas!" She replied from the bedroom. I hurried on over to the door and opened it without a moment's hesitation.  I stood in shock at what I saw.

"You look so beautiful." I mumbled, looking her up and down. "Wow." She was wearing a gorgeous cocktail dress - it was clearly new and must have had a hefty price tag but she looked so marvellous. So incredibly marvellous.

"Please don't drool!" She joked, stepping to me and lifting my chin to kiss me.

"What's the occasion?" I asked, holding her cheek.

"Promotion." She whispered with a smile.

I hugged her, lifting her from the ground and kissing her in delight. "Congratulations!"

We sat down and she talked me through it but in all honesty, I wasn't terribly focusing on what she said - I knew that I'd probably get in trouble for that - I was just looking at her. She looked so incredibly beautiful. She was my Lou.

I reached over and stroked her cheek gently once she had finished, moving my other hand through her hair. "We're going out tonight. Lovely romantic meal out. I'll pay." We kissed, neither of us wanting the embrace to end.


I had changed into something more appropriate, more like her dress and we were ready.

"Who'd have thought it? All that bad stuff happens and we still get a happy ending." She laughed as we walked to the door.

"Don't jinx it!" I smiled, holding the door open for her.

"You're so young." We laughed as we got into the car. I watched her as she drove, truly happy with my life.

"You're staring at me." She hissed, watching the road. "Is something wrong? Has my dress ripped?"

I smiled at the thought. "No." I answered. She eyed me suspiciously. "Can't a guy look at his girl?"

"Well…" She began.

"Well, shush. Take it as a compliment." She nodded. "I love you, Louise."

The End

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