Harry - Endings & BeginningsMature

The summer of 2011 had been interesting to say the least, after arriving home from the road trip I’d embraced 8 hour days of volunteer work at a local farm, the rest of the hours I spent at home – grounded. As much as I hated being grounded, I could see where my parents were coming from…destroying their trust, lying, writing off a car and being involved in murders was just the start. As the summer came to an end and the grounding rules became more slack, I was able to go and see A, I hadn’t seen her since we got back a month and a half ago.

I walked up to her house, my heart beating and my palms sweating – I didn’t know why. I knocked on the door three times, waited ten seconds and then standing in front of me was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.

“Aimee,” I smiled wrapping my arms around her, she didn’t hug me back,

“Where have you been? You didn’t pick up your cell, you don’t reply to my emails and your home phone doesn’t seem to work!” she burst, I pulled back to look at her face, she wasn’t joking,

“I was grounded, and in my family that means; no going out, no TV, no cell, no computer and no xbox,”

“How long were you grounded?”

“Well my parents weren’t best pleased with what happened, today is my first day of release,” I smiled happily, “were your parents mad?”

“They were but I was only banned from seeing Silas and Lou,”

“Why?” I asked,

“They don’t think they’re safe, I know its lame but I see where they’re coming from,”

“But I’m allowed?” I checked,

“Yes,” she smiled, I kissed her passionately, she pulled away,

“I’m still mad at you,” she told me,

“Noted,” I kissed her again, this time she let down her guard.


“Aimee!” called her mom; she pulled back and spun round,

“Yes Mom?”

“We’re leaving in five,” she replied, I gave Aimee a look to say ‘what?’

“College starts tomorrow,” she told me, “we’re going down today to unpack and meet my new roommate,” my heart sunk,

“That sucks!” I cried, “I’ve been banned from seeing you for ages and as soon as I can, I see you for ten minutes and then you leave!”

“I’m sorry,” she cried, a tear sliding down her cheek, “I just didn’t think you wanted to see me, I thought you’d moved on…”

“I could never move on! I love you.” I told her,

“I love you too,” she said, an element of resolve in her tone, she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the garden path, circling into the street we hurried along and then down a green alley which led into a wood. She perched on a log and patted the space beside for me to join her,

“I reckon we’ve got about an hour before my parents look here,” she guessed,

“I love you,” I told her again smiling and kissing her forehead,

“Your hair has grown back,” she grinned toying with my fringe,

“Yours doesn’t look much different,” I said,

“I know, I like it this length, I had it cut the other day,” she explained, I kissed her again; I’d missed her so much. “So you’re going to CU and I’m going SAU,” she murmured,

“We’ll meet up on vacations,” I told her, “Christmas is only four months away,”

“I don’t see how this is going to work,” she said sadly,

“What’s not going to work?”

“Us,” she replied, “I mean we’ve just spent a month and a half apart, we both survived,”

“What are you saying?” I asked worried,

“Can we really maintain this relationship when there are thousands of miles separating us?”

“We can try…”

“I’m not convince Harry,”

“Is there someone else?” I asked slowly,

“No, no, no!” she said profusely,

“I can’t force you into anything A, but after everything we’ve been through, can’t we at least try?”

“You won’t last long Harry, you’ll be in California, surrounded by the all famous, all tan, all rich and beautiful Californian girls,”

“Give me a little credit,” I begged, “I’ve changed,”

“I know, okay, I’m willing to try but…”

“…Don’t say but! But’s not good!” I told her,

“But promise me; if you find someone else…tell me,”

“There’s no one like you Aimee,” I said,

“Oh Harry,” she chuckled wisely, “the world is huge, just you wait…”


“UCLA,” my dad muttered looking at the entrance to the campus, “I never thought I’d stand here with my only son,” he patted me on the back, “I’m so proud of you,”

“Thank dad,” I smiled picking up my football, I was pleased I’d managed to get a football scholarship into college, otherwise I’d have most probably followed my dad into his business – this way I could play college ball and study for a degree I actually wanted. I was still torn between architecture and law, but I had my freshman year to decide and as I’d done all the AP classes I could, this year was going to be one big party. I carried my duffel into my dorm, shared with another guy, picked up my cell, dialled A’s number and waited for her to pick up.

“Hey,” I heard her down the other end,

“How’s SAU?” I asked,

“Amazing, I went to my first rush party yesterday and I think I want to pledge for a greek house,”

“Sweet,” I smiled; I wasn’t into all the fraternity and sorority stuff,

“Anyways I’ve got to go; my roommate just came in,”

“I love you,”

“Love you too,” she put the phone down and I threw mine on the bed, the door suddenly opened and my parents piled in followed by a guy my age, he saw me, smiled and held out his hand.

“Hey I’m Ethan, your roommate,”

“I’m Harry,” I smiled shaking his hand, “you play ball?” I asked looking at his sweatshirt which read UCLA Tigers,

“I do,” he smiled,

“I think we’re going to get along just fine,” I said smiling,

“I hope so,” he replied hauling in his suitcases. I smiled as my parents helped me unpack, as much as I was going to miss A, Si, Flo and Livvy – maybe even Lou, I was going to be okay.

The End

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