One Last SurpriseMature

It was amazing how much interest our press conference had attracted.  The outside of the hospital was swarming with people; reporters and civilians alike, all trying to get a glimpse of us.  Silas and Louise were hidden in a hospital room upstairs, but the rest of us had nowhere to wait while we got ready for the long journey home, so we were trying to hide in a corner of the downstairs waiting room. 

This was proving to be a lot harder than we had thought, partly thanks to my bright red hair, and because our faces were all over television screens across the country.  The kids who brought down the police force.  A bit of an exaggeration, but that’s what they were calling us.

“I’m here to see Flossie,” I heard one voice shout from the sea of noise.

“I’m sorry but I can’t just let you in,” the policeman who was guarding the doors told him.

“But she knows I’m coming, if you just let me see her then she’ll tell you to let me in.  I promise you officer, I’m telling the truth.”

I slowly stood up from my chair, edging closer towards the door.  “Ian?”

“Flossie!  You’re alright.  I’m so sorry it took me so long but I drove here as fast as I could.”

“You know him?”  The police officer asked.

“Yes, let him through.”

There was a roar of protest from the other onlookers as Ian was let past the officer and threw his arms around me.

“I had to see you to believe that you were OK,” he whispered into my hair.  “I’m so glad that I’ve found you in one piece.”

“Well I am indestructible,” I joked, feeling all warm inside from the sensation of Ian’s arms around me, his heart beating loudly against his chest.  He pulled away from me, holding me at arm’s length so he could examine me properly.

“I can’t believe you dyed your hair.”

“Don’t you like it?”  I asked, twirling one strand around a finger and pretending to look sad.

“I think it’s very sexy,” he replied, his arms snaking around my waist.  “I’ve always had a bit of a thing for red-heads.”

“If you’d told me that I would have dyed it sooner.”

“I like you whatever your hair colour is.  Why else did you think I’d come all this way to check that you were alright?”

“Because you were bored?”

“Damn!  You got me!”  We both laughed, enjoying being in each other’s company once more.  “You know,” Ian continued, “I’m not normally a one woman kind of guy.”

“Really?”  I said with a raised eyebrow.  “I wouldn’t have guessed.”

“Less of the sarcasm thank you, I’m trying to be serious.  What I was going to say was, I’m not normally a one woman sort of guy, but for you I want to be.”

“Ian, this is crazy,” I exclaimed.  “We barely know each other and we live miles apart.”

“I don’t care.  I want to get to know you, and if we are in a long-distance relationship then who cares.  I want to be with you.”

“Oh just shut up and kiss me already,” I said, putting my arms around Ian’s neck and pulling his lips against mine.  I could hear camera flashes going off from outside as Ian returned my kiss, but I didn’t care.  The feeling of Ian’s arms around me and the warmth of his kiss sent shivers right through me, engulfing my whole being.

The End

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