Louise Ketley: Plans For The FutureMature

My side ached slightly however the painkillers had lessoned the pain and I was able to sit up in bed and just take it easy. Silas of course was by my side the entire time, holding my hand affectionately and smiling happily at me – finally content with the world.

“So what’s going to happen now?” I asked Silas, “I mean the RV is totally wrecked, how are we going to get home?”  I asked, sinking into the depth of the hospital bed.

“From what I have heard, Aimee, Harry and Flossie spoke to the press and explained the situation and the police will take us home.” He smiled warmly at me but I just gaped at him, a thought had struck me, a horrible thought.  “Where about do you actually live?” I asked sitting up in bed far too quickly for comfort, because my side ached painfully.

“The state of Colorado” he replied curiously “Why?”  

I signed, “Remember the city you first met me in - Havenport in West Virginia“ I asked him, he nodded and urged me to carry on. “Well that’s where I live, I’ll never see you again when you go home” I said, letting tears blur my view as they trickled down my face and I began to sob.

However through my sobs I was sure I could hear laughter, yes definitely laughter, Silas was laughing. I stared at him in bewilderment, “Why are you laughing?” I demanded through my tears.

“Of all the bloody places” he chuckled, “You daft sod” he said pulling me into a tight hug.

 “I’m clueless here, can you enlighten me?” I said wiping away my tears and staring at him still laughing at me. “What a bloody coincidence that I am going to West Virginia University” he said.

I stared at him in amazement, “Come and live with me then, in my gran’s old flat – she’s in a care home now and if you didn’t I’d be pottering around the place on my own so come and live with me?” I asked him.

He pulled me into a passionate kiss which confirmed his answer to be yes.

What a bright future lay ahead.

The End

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