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After the press conference A seemed a little on edge, she kept taking my hand and checking her phone. A police officer came up to us,

“This is a tough situation because you’ve covered so many states, no one state can claim…your punishment, so the Oregon police department are taking the liberty,” he smiled slowly, A pressed herself against my side.

“What’s going to happen to us?” Flo asked terror in her voice,

“This should go through court and jury, but as the police are held mostly at fault – for their abstinence from the law, if you could call it that – that we feel you should be treated differently,”

“How so?” I asked,

“Looking at this in a person by person basis, Aimee and Florence can be held to no fault,” I felt A relax slightly, “Harry, you cannot be trialled for the murder of anyone – like all accidental car accidents, therefore your insurance will pay for the damages and you should get off with a large fine,” I smiled, a fine was better than prison and a personal record. “Your friends however are not so lucky, both Silas and Louise have killed and will be held accountable for their actions,”

“Oh crap,” Floss sighed,

“But due to this case being so specific and with laws broken on both sides, you are faced with two options,” he explained, he gestured for us to take a seat, “Option one; Silas serves a year in juvenile prison and Louise three years in prison,” I didn’t like that option, neither did Flo or A,

“Sorry sir, but it really isn’t our position to make this call – is it?” I asked,

“Option two,” he cut in, “all five of you work for the rest of the summer on volunteer programmes in your chosen state,”

“Sweet,” A smiled, “well it’s the best option,” she said after I glared at her slightly,

“We’ll take it, anything to keep Si and Lou out of jail,” Flo spoke for us all,

“This will go on your criminal record, however,” he said sadly,

“You know, I don’t care, we really are grateful for such a light sentence,” I said standing up, I shook his hand and grinned, “I can’t wait to tell Si!” It was then when my cell rang; I stepped away from the group and answered it.

“HARRY JAMES FITZ, where have you been?!” my mom squealed down the phone,

“Seriously Mom it’s a long story,” I sighed, “I’ll tell you when I get back,”

“Tell me now!” she demanded,

“I can’t, we’re heading back as soon as we can,”

“In what?”

“I think the police are taking us,” I told her,

“Are you hurt? Are you in trouble? Oh my baby!”

“Calm down, I love you, I’ll see you soon,” I said putting the phone down,

“Who was that?” A asked wandering over, she had a funny look on her face which I couldn’t pin down,

“No one,” I smiled coyly,


“You’re so cute when you’re jealous,” I said kissing her, “it was my mom,” she kissed me back,

“I wasn’t jealous,” she muttered when she pulled away, “merely curious,”

“Ready to head back to the hospital?” Flo asked, “The policeman said he’d take us,”

“I sure am going to miss that campervan,” I sighed,

“I love you,” A told me,

“Love you too, now let’s roll!”

The End

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