"My name is Aimee Ladds, and this is Harry Fitz, and Florence Alexander. Us and our two friends Silas Donohue and Louise Ketley were in the major car accident this afternoon which you will all have heard about. What you don't know is that the crash was one of many unbelieveable incidents to happen to use during the last few weeks." I paused, seeing some police officers approaching. Harry saw them too, and continued.

"The first incident was when we witnessed a murder, committed by members of the police force by order of someone high up, with power." Some of the press scoffed at this.

"That's a serious accusation," shouted one of the journalists "have you got any evidence?"

"Not for the original crime. But we have since been chased by the police across many states, and we can prove this. Our friend Louise Ketley was the police officer hired to follow us and check our movements. She is now in intensive care because of a gun shot wound by one of her fellow officers as she fought to protect us." Harry's voice had no fear in it, and I looked at him in a slight awe as he spoke. One day, he should run for office. I'd vote for him. And from the reaction of the journalists, I was sure that they would too. I saw the police men move to the front, and the journalists noticed them.

"What do you have to say to these accusations?" One of them asked, pointing their microphone at the man. He blushed at the cameras in his face.

"I-I... I have no idea of this imaginary conspiracy that these kids have cooked up. I only know I am here to arrest them in connection with the murder of fifteen of our men. One a few days ago that was announced on the news, and fourteen today, just before the accident when they were fleeing the scene of the crime. The death of the other officer who was in the accident will also be treated as a murder in connection with these."

"The death of Cassandra was an accident!" I replied, stepping forward. "And I videoed the shooting of the fourteen officers, which is proof that they opened fire on us and Officer Ketley only returned fire in order to protect us!" The press clammered forwards as I held up my phone and pressed the play button in order to show them. As they watched the footage, the police officers began to pale and look around as though they did not have a clue what to do. Obviously they had no idea of the conspiracy, they were just doing what they had been told.

"What about the other officer? The first death?"

"We regret to say that this man died because he held a gun at us and tried to stop us from continuing on our journey. We were attempting to get to Canada, so that we could expose this threat where none of the police tied up in this conspiracy could get us."

" We've been scared for our lives!" Flo added. Her lip was trembling; obviously she was tired and so stressed that she was beginning to get hysterical. "Our friend was kicked in the head when we first saw the murder, by the murderers, and she went home! We just hope that she's ok!"

"We want there to be an investigation in to this! Someone ordered the attack, and now we've been chased across states! We're pretty sure that we would have been killed if they could have made us disappear. That's why we thought we'd tell you all now, because if we disappear or have an accident then it just proves what we were saying!" I declared, watching as the cameras flashed. I just hoped this would be enough.

"We hope that by you knowing everything, our lives will be safe." Harry finished. He took my hand and squeezed it, and we waited for a storm of questions and declarations which would surely follow.

The End

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