Aimee:Love and BandagesMature

“I love you,”

 I looked down at Harry who had just muttered those three special words.

“You love me?”                                    

“I do A, I’ve never felt this way for anyone ever before. When I woke up, you were the first thing I thought of and I felt sick with panic when I thought you could be hurt, I love you with all my heart and I want you to know that I’ll never leave you."

He placed his hand on my cheek, and I leaned in to it, treasuring that feeling of safety I got when he was supporting me.

“I love you too,” I whispered, watching him smile then reach up to kiss me. I felt like I was swimming, floating, as if everything but the gentle touch of his lips had frozen. Then one of the paramedics coughed.

"Excuse me, but we really need to get you all to hospital for a thorough check through." I nodded, feeling slightly giddy, and allowed them to wheel Harry in to the ambulance. I climbed inside with him, and saw Louise and Silas being put in to ambulances. Flo jumped in with Silas and waved at me before turning her attention on our friend. I took Harry's hand and held it all the way to hospital.

"Well, you can add this to the list of times I've almost killed you." He whispered hoarsely. The paramedic gave me a bottle of water for me to give to Harry, and I helped him sip it.

"And yet I'll still get in to a car with you at the end of it."


"Of course. I'll be driving of course." He laughed, then began coughing. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. Nothing a little time in hospital won't fix."

"You know the police are going to want to talk to us about this."

"Yeah, well, we can't run anymore. Silas and Louise, they've both done stuff now. And it's hardly like I'll be running anywhere soon."

"You're fine, don't be so dramatic!"

"This high blood pressure stuff is no joke A." He winked. "You'll need to wait on me hand and foot, look after me, do whatever I want..."

"Now wait a minute..."

"Ah ah ah! Don't stress me out. The blood pressure might rise."

I mock punched him and then kissed him gently.

"Trust me, you'll be better in no time, and then we'll do whatever we want." I winked and watched his face grin.

"What if it all begins again? What if they come after us?" He asked, his smile dropping from his face.

"They won't. I have a plan." We arrived at the hospital, so I had no chance to tell Harry my plan, but as I watched him carried in for an x-ray (incase of inner injury) I set my plan in action. I took my mobile out and began phoning.

Twenty minutes later I was sat with Flo outside the examination room, where Harry and Silas were being looked at. Louise was in intensive care with her bullet wound, while Silas' injury had been repaired easily and he was being checked out for any other injuries.

"Who were you talking to when we arrived?" Flo whispered. There was something about waiting in a hospital corridor that made you want to whisper.

"The media. I've spent years collecting media numbers in case anything cool happened. Especially since I used to want to be a journalist. In about half an hour there should be camera people and newspapers outside this building, waiting for us to tell them our story."

"No way! But, what if the police deny everything?"

"We have a police woman on our side, we have all the dates and times, and we have this." I pointed at my phone.

"Your phone? What good is that?"

"I filmed that last encounter with the police. We can show that it was self defence. That ought to clear Louise, even if it doesn't clear Silas."

"How long have you been planning this?"

"Since I realised that this couldn't go on. When that police woman, Cassie, called the cops on us, I realised that the only way we were getting out of this was if we told the media. That at least gives us some time, and if we 'disappear' then it just makes our case stronger. I thought it through while we were spray painting the van."

At that moment Harry emerged from the examination room and I threw my arms around him.

"Hey! Don't go getting too emotional! There are people watching," he joked, kissing me.

"Stop trying to kill me. My parents won't like it if I'm going out with a dangerous man."

"Hmmm, makes me sexier though, doesn't it?"

"You'll never know." I took his hand. "How's Silas?"

The End

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