Harry - CollisionMature

I had never driven so fast in my life and I was pleased that my parents couldn’t see me now, my foot was plastered against the floor, pushing the gas peddle to its limit, the speed dial was at 90mph. A took my arm and glanced into the back quickly,

“Silas is unconscious,” she muttered, “Lou is injured and Flossie’s helping both,”

“Go help them,” I told her,

“But…” I gave her a quick glare, “are you alright?” she checked,

“Go!” I urged, she climbed through and I was left alone. I kept checking the rear-view mirror for advancing blue lights but there were none, the road was completely empty. The blockade had helped us out in that respect, we passed a sign which read ‘Canadian boarder 50 miles’ and I smiled with joy before the memory of a few minutes ago came flooding back. I tried to push the van faster but it seemed that 90 was its limit,

“How’s it going back there?” I called,

“We’re fine!” Lou called a strain in her voice,

“Do you want me to stop off at a drug store?” I asked,

“We’re making our own bandages,” Flossie said before a resounding rip made me turn my head, she had torn up one of my shirts.

“Hey, that’s my shirt!” I called back,

“Eyes on the road!” A warned me, I glared at her – the road had been clear,

“Don’t rip up anything else…!” I warned. BAM.



“He’s systolic,” came a voice, I blinked, “but he’s coming round,” I tried to sit up but I couldn’t move, it was like I was paralysed or strapped down. I hoped it was the latter.

“Aimee!” I cried suddenly,

“Who is Aimee?” came the same voice; I opened my eyes to take in a paramedic,

“She’s got long auburn hair,” I muttered, “and blue eyes,”

“There’s no one here to that description…” the paramedic told me,

“AIMEE!” I yelled at the top of my voice, it was a pitiful sound,

“Let’s just concentrate on you shall we?” she asked, “What’s your name?”  A small voice in my head warned me that I shouldn’t say ‘Harry’.

“Harold,” I told her,

“Where are you from Harold?” she asked,

“New Jersey,” I lied, I had an aunt who lived there…

“Do you remember what happened?” she asked, I thought back but all I could remember was the blockade,

“No,” I told her, “I can’t move,” I added,

“You were in a car accident, you crashed into the back of a police car and you can’t move because you’re strapped to a stretcher, we need to make sure you haven’t damaged your spinal cord or neck.”

“AIMEE!” I called again, where was she? Was she okay? Was she…alive?

“Calm down,” she hushed,

“Where are the others?” I asked panic in my voice,

“They’re being seen to,”

“She’s has short hair, a pixie cut!” I burst suddenly remembering,



“I’m supposed to monitor you, I don’t know about the others,”

“Can you go and find her?” I asked, “I need to know she’s okay,” the paramedic stood up,

“I’ll be right back,” she told me before moving away, a cold sensation began crawling up my arm, I took a look and saw I’d been attached to a drip. My mind wasn’t working coherently so when the paramedic returned I didn’t know what she was talking about,

“She’s alive, just survived with a broken arm, she’s going to come and see you as soon as she’s done over there,”

“Who is?” I asked,

“Your friend, Aimee was it?” the paramedic replied,

“Oh yeah,” I remembered, “how about the others?”

“Two have bullet wounds which are being seen to, the other – a girl, she’s unscathed,”

“So no one died?” I exhaled in relief,

“The policewoman in the car you crashed into did,” the paramedic informed me, “she went straight through the windshield,”

“I…killed…her,” I realised,

“It wasn’t totally your fault, she was stationary in the middle of the road, without a seatbelt on, you’re lucky you were wearing yours or you’d have most likely had the same fate as she did.”

“Harry!” Aimee cried rushing to my side; she threw herself onto me gently, “Are you okay? Is he okay?” she asked,

“Just a few cuts and bruises, a bit of whiplash and high blood pressure,” the paramedic explained as she unstrapped me from the stretcher, she helped me into a sitting position and finally I could see the damage. The VW van was wiped out, it was left upside-down along side the police car which looked relatively unscathed. Silas was in the ambulance and Lou was still lying lifeless on the ground, Flo was talking to a paramedic and A was at my side,

“Is Lou okay?” I asked,

“She’s not hurt from the crash, well she is a bit – cuts and scratches but the bullet wound was worse than she was letting on, she’d have died if she hadn’t been treated by the paramedics. So in hindsight it was good you crashed,” A smiled quietly, she always saw the positive side, “The car we crashed into was Cassie’s, she hadn’t moved from when she parked up to talk to us, she kind of got her just desserts for ratting us out,” A said staring at the crash site,

“I love you,” I muttered slowly, she looked down at me,

“You love me?”                                    

“I do A, I’ve never felt this way for anyone ever before. When I woke up, you were the first thing I thought of and I felt sick with panic when I thought you could be hurt, I love you with all my heart and I want you to know that I’ll never leave you,” I reached up so my palm was against her cheek, she rested her head into my hand and closed her eyes,

“I love you too,” she said opening her eyes, I smiled at her slowly and she leant down and kissed me gently on the lips, despite of this chaotic situation, I felt strangely content.

The End

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