Louise Ketley: My SiMature

The moment I saw Silas’s body crumple on the ground I didn’t care about anything other than him, it was like I didn’t care that we were surrounded with armed policemen who could shoot us at any second – none of it mattered.

 I ran towards him, dropping to my knees beside him and applying pressure to his wound.

"You're going to survive this, Silas." I whispered, my voice breaking, "I'm not going to let you die." I said supporting his head in my arms. "I couldn't let them get you." He breathed, fighting to stay conscience all the while.  "You couldn't have known." I sobbed cradling him, and cupping his face in my hands.

"But I did. They couldn't kill you." he said weakly, "My Lou." He breathed before his head lulled and he felt like a dead weight in my arms. I was reassured however when I saw the gentle movements of his chest which told me that he was just unconscious.

Tears trickled down my face, blurring my vision and I made no attempt to stop them.

Flossie and Aimee appeared at my side and knelt down next to me, “Get Silas back to the van!” I murmured so only they could hear. They didn’t dare argue as both heard the fury which filled my voice as I spoke. Aimee and Flossie managed to heave Silas back to the van and shut the door protecting themselves from what was about to happen.

Shakily I got to my feet, breathing heavily, my face contorted into pure rage and when I spoke each syllable was filled with venom for the crowd of people who surrounded me. “You really shouldn’t have done that!” I said, seething with anger, I put my hand in my jacket and pulled out my own gun, fully loaded. “Now, I am only going to give you one warning, leave now and say nothing or I will shoot you right now” I raised my gun and placed my finger on the trigger to show I wasn’t joking.

Some of the men who were stood further back shuffled nervously and some even climbed back into their cars.

“There is only one of you and dozens of us, how do you expect to kill us!” one of the arm police men said chuckling slightly. I instantly placed my hand back into my jacket and pulled out a second loaded gun and fired both simultaneously at two unsuspecting police men – killing them dead.

“Get the message” I said advancing on him, one gun pointing at him and one pointing at his colleague who looked to be unarmed. However without warning they open fired and bullets were sent flying through the air some rebounding of the RV with a resounding ‘clang’.

I danced around, avoiding bullet after bullet and taking full advantage of my police training, ducking and diving out of the way and shooting whenever I got the chance.

After about 10 minutes of ducking and diving out of the way, bodies lay scattered around where we had been fighting and I was left in a standoff with the last remaining police officer there. His gun pointing at me and both of my guns pointing threateningly at him.

We both pulled our triggers simultaneously and jumped out of the way, but not before I felt a sharp pain skim my side. I crashed to the ground with a residing thud my side aching, he had got me. However when I had regained enough strength to look, I peered through the settling dust to see him lying just as dead as the others.  I had won!

I staggered back to the RV, clutching at my side which was dripping blood. I climbed into the van and looked around for Silas and made my way towards him.

“I’ll see to Silas, someone drive!” I demanded and Harry quickly obliged, taking the wheel and speeding in the direction of Canada. “Louise, you’re hurt” Flossie said, “Let me, I know about first aid” she suggested but I waved her away. “Flossie, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine” I lied as my side ached painfully and my blood pooled on the floor. “It Silas who need help the most”

“My Si”

The End

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