Silas: The Heat of the MomentMature

My mind raced - was there anything that could link me, us to the crime? I cast my mind back, mentally retracing my steps.

"Fingerprints?" Aimee asked.

I looked to my fingers, almost as if I was afraid of them. I shook my head, relatively sure that we hadn't forgotten that.

"I can't think of anything." Louise mumbled. I wanted to go over there and simply hold her, tell her that everything would be alright but I knew that she wouldn't appreciate that.

I watched Flossie smile at Lou, offering her support. Did I resent her for being able to do that? No, Flossie is my friend. One of my best friends. I hate myself, that's it!

"We need to keep going." Harry sounded authoritative.

"Faster." I offered. "If they already are going to try to pin murder on us, then it can't make much difference if they try to pin some speeding tickets on us too."

Louise looked directly at me, making eye contact with me. I could see the fear in her eyes but there was something else. Surprise - she was surprised at me. "Won't that attract attention to us?"

"Won't the van attract attention to us?" I replied, worried that I might have offended her.

"So what do we do?" She stared at me.

"We don't leave the van." The others were in agreement.

"Well then what the hell do we do?" I shouted, my temper getting the better of me.

"Turn around." I heard someone murmur quietly. "We turn around."

"Why?" Flossie asked, as calmly as she could muster.

"That." Aimee pointed to the road ahead of us - there was a barricade.

"I've had enough of this." Louise and I hissed in unison. We looked at each other and I offered her a tiny smile, one that she reciprocated.

"If there's any evidence at the crime scene," I began. "Then we arae all in trouble, yes? Well that isn't fair." The others were looking at me suspiciously.

The van slowed as we turned - just what I needed.

"I'm the guilty one." I explained seconds before I jumped for the door, opening it and falling onto the road. I held my shoulder as I stood up, checking how far away the van was - it had more or less stopped after I had jumped out but was far enough away for me to do what needed to be done without any of them stopping me.

I walked towards the barricade, a smile on my face. "Hey boys." I yelled. "It's been a while." I swaggered onwards, holding my hands up in the air.

"Don't take another step, Silas." I turned to see Louise just behind me, a stern look on her face.

"Go back, Louise." I stared her down, trying to stop myself from breaking down. "Let me deal with this."

"No." She pushed past me, stepping towards the police. "You have to let us through." She shouted. "You can't keep us here."

With every step she took, I could see them getting more and more agitated. One of them raised their gun as a warning not to challenge them any further but I knew Louise and I knew what she was about to do.

"No." I whimpered, running forwards. The man with the gun shook his head slightly. I grabbed her shoulder, trying to pull her back but she struggled free of my grasp. She stepped forward again and in a second I overtook her, grabbing her and looking into her eyes. "No."

I didn't care anymore - I let the emotion escape as tears, trickling down my face. "No." I heard the man swear in fury and step forward. I pushed her to the floor and turned in time to see the man pull the trigger on the gun.

I heard the bullet fly through the air and puncture my skin, crashing through my body. I collapsed in pain, clutching the wound. I heard the van getting closer, the man swearing again. Lou was next to me, applying pressure to the gunshot on my shoulder.

"You're going to survive this, Silas." She whispered into my ear. "I'm not going to let you die."

"I couldn't let them get you." I mumbled. If I hadn't been there, if I hadn't moved her out of the way then. I couldn't think about it.

"You couldn't have known." She was crying, cradling my head.

"But I did. They couldn't kill you." I felt faint as I heard the van stop near to us. "My Lou."

The End

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