Turn On The RadioMature

Heading back towards the scene of the crime seemed like a crazy idea, but I sort of understood where Louise was coming from.  Doing exactly the opposite of what the police was expecting us to do meant that they wouldn't be following us for a while.  That should give us a head start.  

There was only one question in my mind.  What next?

I didn't want to keep running for the rest of my life.  I could only imagine how much my mother was freaking out right now, she hadn't heard from me in days and none of us knew how big the search for us was.  It could have been kept quiet or the police could have launched a search on a national scale.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I hurriedly pulled it out.  I was surprised to see Ian's number appear on my screen.  I'd only heard from him once or twice since we'd left the beach and not at all since we'd witnessed the murder.

I opened the text message and my brow furrowed.

Flo, are you guys alright?  The message read.

Sort of.  Why?  What's up?  I sent back, wondering why Ian was getting in contact with me now.  Had he heard about what had happened to us or was he just bored?

The phone buzzed again.

Turn on the radio.

I was even more confused by this cryptic message but decided to follow Ian's instructions and leaned over the seats into the front of the van.

"Aimee, turn on the radio."

"What's up?"  Aimee asked as she began fiddling with the dials on the radio.

"I've just got a message from Ian telling me to turn it on.  He didn't say what it was about."

As soon as the newsreader's voice became less fuzzy and the words clearer I wished we'd never turned it on.

"Police are calling on people to look out for a group of four teenagers and one adult travelling in a blue VW campervan," the woman on the radio announced.  "These people are all wanted in relation to a murder that took place a few nights ago.  If anyone sees or hears anything in relation to these five individuals then they should call the police helpline on..."

"They've launched a public appeal," Louise exclaimed.  "They're playing a very dangerous game here."

"What do you mean?"  Harry questioned.

"By launching a public appeal they're risking putting their dodgy dealings out in the open.  They must be positive they can get us without risking being caught themselves."

"They must be planning on pinning the murder we saw on us too," I exclaimed.  "We're going to be convicted for a double murder!"

"Don't panic," Louise said, her hands shaking as she motioned for all of us to quiet down.  "Unless they can find evidence to put you at the scene of the crime then they can't convict you.  Is there anything that can place you there at the time of the murder?"

The End

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