Louise Ketley: Friends?Mature

It had been a hell of a shock to see Cassie again, I thought i'd seen the last of her when Chris Doncaster had gone to prison - she had been quite upset about it, she had convinced herself that she loved him and that he loved her. I believe that he just as a way with words, that helped him in the long run when it comes to women.

I had surprised myself when I heard myself sticking but for Silas, threating Cassie by saying that I would tip off the police about her sleeping with one of their convicts. Perhaps my subconscience was the reason why I had stuck up for Silas, maybe I was just fighting my feelings for him. However, despite my feelings I  couldnt forget what Silas had done.

After our little meeting with Cassie, we changed course, we would still head for Canada but we needed to be unpredictiable and that meant that in order to get to Canada we needed to go back the way we came - A slightly longer route but it may give us time to get away, I mean the police wouldnt think that we would go back... would they?

"Want me to drive?" Aimee asked me.

"I don't mind" I said, shuffling my feet slightly and avoiding Aimee's eye.

"...Louise, I'm driving ok? You need to actually be sociable with us. You might not want to be, you might not even like us, but I like you and I want you to feel alright with us. So go, make friends and talk."

Aimee replied holding her hand up and stopping my protests, she then preceeded to the drivers seat, forcing me into the back.

I sat awkwardly in the back of the RV looking around despirately for something i could do rather than talk to either Silas or Flossie, Harry had sat himself in the front with Aimee. There was a sudoku puzzle book sitting on the table, but I wasnt in the right frame of mind to do a sudoku. The cards sat shuffled on the table but I didnt feel like cards either, it looked like I had to be sociable.

Silas looked very strange with red hair but it suited him, it made him look .... quite cute if i was honest and I couldnt help flit my eyes momentarially to look at him, however he caught my gaze and shuffled in his seat before moving over to talk to me ... oh perfect.

"Listen I want to thank you for helping me, I honestly thought i was going to get arrested, I ...." he trailed off his face showing his uncertainty and stared down at the floor.

"Silas, dont waste you're breath, I didn't do it for you, I did it for the others" I muttered realising instantly how harshly I had said those words. It hurt me to see the hurt that was clearly visable in his green eyes.

I turned and moved to sit opposite to Flossie without giving Silas another glance, however I was well aware of his green eyes boring into my back.

"Hey" I said cheerily sitting down opposite her.

"Hi" she said, smiling slightly, she seemed lightly preoccupied staring down into her lap, her mobile clasped in her hand, her finger texting furiously.

I leaned back in my chair and stared out the window watching cars rush passed us in the opposite direction. I was sure I saw a police car but when I leaned forward to check I saw nothing, my imagination was playing tricks on me - i needed to calm down.

Flossie cleared her throat before speaking ... to me, which made me jump in surprise. "Hey Lou, I think I owe you an apology, I've been rotten to you when all you have done is try to help us, can we let bigons be bigons and start again?" she took a breath then carried on. "I gained abit of respect for you when you helped Silas out and proved to me that you dont have any other motive other then to help us, you're in much the same boat as us here." she paused, her face uncertain.

I was utterly speechless by Flossie's little speech but pulled my face into a smile, "All I wanted was to help you guys, and it would be great to start again" I beemed at her.

"Fantastic" she stuck her hand out for me to shake, "Friends?"


The End

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