Harry - Cassandra WhiteMature

A car pulled up with Silas in tow, he hopped out the door as if the car was on fire and headed towards us even more quickly.

“We painted one side of the van,” Flo said pointing to the red half, Silas tried to speak with his eyes but it was too late, the girl who’d driven him had climbed out her car and began towards us – maybe Si owed her money? I got out my wallet,

“How much do we owe you?” I asked her; she put her hand on her hip,

“What’s this? You’re trying to pay me off?” she demanded,

“Ermm, no,” I said slowly, “I just thought…”

“Well don’t!” she snapped, “don’t try to second guess me either,”

“I wasn’t, I was just…”

“Harold!” Aimee called warily from behind, “Back off,” I turned to look at her, she gave me a do-what-I-say-or-get-hurt look and I obeyed. Si had now disappeared in the van and Lou appeared a few moments later,  

“Look we don’t want any trouble,” Lou said to the girl, I noticed a taser strapped to her belt, she fingered in gently and then relaxed her hand,


“Sorry, do I know you?” Lou asked taking a step forward,

“It’s me, Cassie!”


“Cassandra White, year of two thousand two. I was your senior careers advisor; we spoke only two years ago when you wanted to join the force – what happened?”

“Cassie! I remember,” Lou nodded, “Well…I joined it,” she smiled,

“What happened?” she asked glancing at the rest of us,

“They asked me to do a dodgy job and well…they turned against me. Why are you here?” Lou asked,

“I’m out on patrol, found this dude attempting to walk five miles for gas and gave him a lift, only when we got to the station did I recognise him from the wanted posters. I gave the depot a quick call and they asked me to arrest him,”

“Why didn’t you arrest me back there?” Si demanded,

“I couldn’t leave a bunch of people stranded without gas,” she smiled half-kindly,

“So what’s next?” Lou asked,

“I guess I should take him down to the station,” Cassie said sadly,

“Or you could pretend you got the wrong guy?” Lou offered,

“I really don’t think that’s abiding the police code,” she sighed getting out some handcuffs, Si’s grip on the van door tightened,

“How’s Chris Doncaster?” Lou suddenly asked,

“What?” Cassie cried,

“I heard he got out on bail, I also heard he’s looking for that policewoman he slept with, hey Cassie – you’d know about that, wouldn’t you?”

“He did get out on bail, but he’s in Arizona, that’s like a thousand miles away!”

“Sometimes things slip out, phone calls are made and well…you wouldn’t want the police department to know you slept with one of their convicts, or I could let Chris know you’re in New York State, you could elope with him to Europe or something?”

“What do you want Lou?” Cassie asked through clenched teeth,

“I want my friend Silas to go free, ring the police and tell them it was the wrong guy,”

“I can’t, it’s lying!”

“Well it wouldn’t be a first for you, would it Cass?” Silas climbed into the van and revved the engine, the girls climbed in but I hung back in case things got ugly. Cassie came towards Lou,

“You never saw us, you never saw a VW van and you never speak of this again – if you hold up your side of the deal, I’ll hold up mine,” Lou winked and climbed into the van, I looked at Cassie and smiled slowly,

“What are you grinning at?!” she growled,

“Nothing…nothing,” I muttered following Lou, I slammed the door in her face and Silas drove off.


“Now I reckon we’ve got about ten minutes before the police get on our tail,” Lou said looking at her watch,

“I thought she agreed not to tell,” I cried,

“You can’t trust a policewoman with a taser, she’ll get the police hot on our tails and so in order to avoid that, we need to avoid doing the obvious,”

“And what’s the obvious?” Silas called from the front,

“Crossing to Canada,” Lou spoke back,

“A murderer should never return to the scene of the crime…” A muttered to herself,

“Okay so what do you want to do?!” Silas demanded angrily,

“Turn round; we need to do the unobvious and what kind of runaway van would go back on themselves?” Silas slowed and did a U-turn in the road,

“I don’t like this,” he said pulling off going south,

“Nor do I but we’ve got to keep our cool,” Lou muttered, five minutes later the first police car whizzed passed us on the other side of the road,

“They didn’t even notice us,” A smiled slowly, “Silas, why don’t you let Lou drive? Your disguise obviously isn’t good enough and we’ve got some hair dye left over from Flo,” Silas was happy enough to change drivers but as soon as the hair dye appeared, he wasn’t happy. 

The End

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