Silas: Contact with the Outside WorldMature

"We'll be fine." I murmured. "We just have to act natural."

"Why are you so relaxed?" Louise hissed at me.

"We just have to get there. It can't be that far away. We passed a gas station a minute or two ago."

"But do you know how fast I was going?" Lou snapped at me. "How far we went?"

"It's our only hope." I held her gaze, unsure how it would help.

"Then you go." She clearly wanted to get rid of me.

"Fine. Anyone want to come with me?" I looked around the van, wondering if they were happy to abandon me. Nobody stepped up.

"We just need to act confident - that's what they always say in the films."

"We aren't in a film. This is real life. You shoot someone and they die." Louise was still not happy with me.

I opened the door, clambering out with the container in my hand. "You could spray the van while I'm gone." I didn't wait for a response, slowly pacing down the road.

"Si." I turned to see Harry sticking his head out of the van. "You alright?"

"Yeah. Aimee will want you." I think I sounded slightly aggressive but it didn't matter - they didn't like me that much anymore. I continued down the road, ignoring their shouts. I felt like a little alone time but after a minute, it just felt like too much - I wanted someone to talk to.

I didn't really blame her for hating me - I had done wrong. The same went for everyone else - we had been innocent up until then and now we were guilty because of me. I was guilty. I would take the blame.

I saw a car heading in my direction so I waved, hoping that it would pull over.

"Where you heading?" It was a young woman, barely old enough to be able to drive by the look of her. "Maybe I could offer you a lift?"

"I need to get to the gas station." I muttered, putting on a smile.

"Well there's one only just down the road. Quite a walk though. Get in." She smiled sweetly at me - she looked quite similar to Louise albeit younger with different hair.

"Thanks. I'm Silas." I offered her my hand as I climbed in, surprised when she lifted it to her lips and kissed it.

"I am Cassandra, but Cassie is fine." She released my hand with a grin, starting off down the road.

"Nice to meet you Cassie." I was tempted to start up a conversation, have the chance to talk to someone different, someone who hadn't been tainted by the events that had befallen us. She seemed sweet, I was fairly sure that I would be able to flirt with her relatively successfully and that she wouldn't laugh at me too much, but what would be the point? She wasn't Louise.

"So where you heading, silent Silas?" She tilted her head, looking at me and not the road for a second.

"Canada." I whispered. "Sick friend."

I stopped for just a second and thought about what I had just said: "Sick friend." Why the hell had I said that? She hadn't asked me why I was going there - I had just lied to her anyway, like a reflex action.

"What's wrong with them?" she seemed worried but her eyes betrayed her slightly morbid interest.

"I'd rather not talk about it, Cassie. But suffice to say that it doesn't look good." I looked down into my lap, trying to play the character that I had created for myself.

"That's terrible." She placed her hand on mine, smiling softly.

I smiled at her before sliding my hand from beneath hers, choosing to look out of the window for the rest of the journey.

"Here we are!" She half sang as she pulled into the station. I smiled gratefully, getting out of the car.

"Did you want a lift back? It is quite a walk." She called through the open passenger-side window. I turned and smiled.

"If that isn't too much trouble, that would be really great."

We shared smiles for a second before I started to fill the container up. I looked over to her - she was adjusting her make-up. I should let her down gently - maybe after she drops me off.

"Thanks for all this, Cassie."

"No problem, Silas." As I looked at her, it looked a little bit like there was something in her ear - like a receiver or something, but as I looked again, there was nothing there. I placed the full container in the backseat before joining her in the front again.

I only became concerned when I dropped my wallet and when trying to find it, my hand instead found a gun. Just my luck.



The End

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