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I must admit, even though I didn’t like the girl that much that the red hair suited her. It looked far more natural than her previous dark blonde hair which was in the process of darkening further to a disgusting brown color.

"Woah Flo, you look awesome!" Aimee muttered

"Yeah Floss, you look hot." Harry complimented, earning himself a glare from Aimee, "Oh come on A, not like that." He said in his defense.

I heard Silas mutter something about Aimee and Harry being too open about their relationship and it made him feel like throwing up, I couldn’t help but allow a smile to play on my face at this remark, but I quickly removed the smile when I saw Silas’s eyes flit momentarily towards me.

 "Shut it Donohue, or else I'll disguise you as a girl." Aimee called grinning

"Yeah right, like Silas could ever be a girl." Harry laughed.

"Oh I don't know. I'm pretty sure that there are some sharp implements in the van to help with the procedure." Flossie cut in looking around for something sharp, Silas immediately shielded his valuables, grinning all the time.

"I'm so scared" he said dramatically knocking his knees together for good measure.

I didn’t mean to rain on their little parade but I was still cautious of how little time we had to get ourselves to safety, "Oi you two, we should keep moving!" I cut in silencing their playful banter immediately. "We're safe now though, aren't we?" asked Flossie moaning slightly.

"We won't be completely safe until we cross the border. By the way, we should really ditch the van too, get a different one." I said, well as you can imagine that got a reaction and a half, "No way! My parents bought me this!" Harry complained. "Well maybe we should get it re-decorated. Change the colour." Silas suggested, looking sheepishly at me. I looked at him for mere seconds before shifting my gaze and looking at Harry.

"Maybe, but I don't know how we're gonna do that?" he asked perplexed

"Just buy some spray paint from the next store and hope it doesn't rain while it's drying" I suggested.

Harry looked down at his feet for a few minutes shuffling them slightly like a child who is in the middle of being told off. Sighing he eventually said, "Alright. But I'm not happy about it!"

Nodding, I turned and heading towards the front of the van and plonked myself in the driver’s seat. I had been doing quite a lot of driving recently but I didn’t mind really, to be honest it was a relief to distance myself from them. I felt slightly out of place around them, like I was just the spare part, listening to their earlier banter concerning Silas’s valuable bits just showed how well this group of teenagers got on. Any conversation I had with them at the moment seemed slightly forced, maybe it was the age difference, maybe the job I had, or maybe it was because they hardly knew me – whatever the reason it was obvious that I didn’t fit in here and the sooner we got to Canada, the better!

I heard footsteps heading towards the front of the van Flossie appeared In the seat next to me, a quizzical look playing on her face.

“Why are you helping us?” she asked, “I mean shouldn’t you be helping the police, not helping us escape?”

“As you mentioned earlier Flossie, I am nothing more than a mere trainee with no importance whatsoever to the police, and I am helping you because I want to, does that answer your question?” I replied, chancing a glance at her. She nodded and walked away, grabbing the playing cards on the way back.

I spotted a sign saying that the nearest town was about 15 miles away, and I pressed my foot down on the accelerator in the hope that we could get to this town soon so we could buy the supplies needed to redecorate the van. We reached the town in no time at all and Silas, Harry and Aimee went inside a shop and came out 15 minutes later with 5 cans of red spray paint.

“Let’s head out the parking lot and find a place to paint this baby,” I suggested as everyone climbed back into the van and I started up the engine.

We drove out of the town and started to follow signs for the Canadian border, surely somewhere on this route there would be somewhere that we could spay paint the van.

I pressed my foot down when we hit a long straight road, hoping that we would get to Canada quicker and it would all be over.

However, instead of the van speeding up, it spluttered and juddered and came to an abrupt halt at the side of the road.

“What’s the hold up?” Harry called from the back.

“Yeah, why have we a stopped?” Flossie asked.

“Guys, bit of a problem …. We’re out of fuel!”


The End

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