Harry - Green, red, yellow or orange?Mature

“Green, red, yellow or orange?” Silas asked looking at the spray paints,

“I don’t know,” I groaned, “I like the blue,” I pointed at it,

“Dude, the van is already blue,” Silas slapped my back, “choose now or I will…” he threatened; I grabbed the red and smiled at him. He took out his wallet and passed me twenty dollars,

“What?” I asked taking it,

“I don’t know what state we’re in, or the age limit for spray paint, but you look older than me,” he told me, I nodded slowly and smiled,

“How many will we need?”

“Five?” he guessed,

“Then I’ll need another twenty bucks,” I grinned, Silas threw his wallet at me and rolled his eyes, “I owe you!” I told him,

“I know,” he smiled and left the shop, I grabbed the spray paints and headed to the till,

“ID please,”

“What?” I asked calmly,

“You need to be eighteen or older to buy aerosol spray paint,” he said,

“I’m twenty one,” I told him,

“Seriously mate, if you’re going to lie at least go for nineteen,” I clenched my teeth together and then felt a hand on my back,

“Harold,” she muttered, I looked down at A, she winked at me, “what are you doing?”

“Buying spray paints to paint the garage door,” I said not too convincingly,

“Did dad send you?”

“Yeah,” I muttered,

“He should know you’re not old enough,” she smiled slowly at the shopkeeper, “I’m his sister, if he’s not old enough, why don’t I buy them for him?” The shopkeeper passed the cans through the scanner and she handed over the money, I narrowed my eyes as we exited the shop, I looked way older than A. She began laughing as soon as we were out the door, I pushed her away but she just laughed harder,

“Why don’t you go and paint the garage then?” she giggled, I pretended to spray the paint in her face, she screamed and ducked behind me. I passed the bag to Si and picked A up in a fireman’s carry, she swatted my back as I headed towards the ditch, I dangled her over the edge.

“Promise me you’ll never bring this up again and I won’t drop you,” I told her,

“I promise! I promise!” she giggled with a little hysteria in her voice, I set her down and kissed her forehead quickly,

“Good job,” I winked and headed back to the van, she jogged to catch me up and took my hand.

“Let’s head out the parking lot and find a place to paint this baby,” Lou told us, we piled in the back and Lou started the van. A sat with Flo and I joined Si,

“Can I have my wallet back?” he asked,

“Sure,” I said feeling my pocket and taking it out, I opened it and my brow furrowed,

“Who’s this?” I asked, it was a picture of a guy a similar age to us,

“Give it back,” Si tried to grab the wallet, I held it out his reach,

“Who is it Si?”

“None of your business,” he muttered, I narrowed my eyes,

“Your boyfriend?” I joked,

“He’s…my dad when he was our age, he gave it to be a while back and I had nowhere to put it,” Silas said, I handed him back the wallet but I knew he was lying, there was a car in the background with a number plate from only four years ago. I guess if Silas didn’t want to tell me who it was, I wasn’t going to force him, he’d had it tough enough as it was. I just didn’t like all this dishonesty, I thought we were mates.

The End

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