Harry - DisguiseMature

The rain woke me up; I was strewn up against A with a comic book on my chest. A was awake and making patterns on my palm, “What’s the time?” I mumbled,

“It’s about 5:30 in the morning,” she replied,

“Why aren’t we driving?” I sat up slowly,

“Silas and Louise had some things to sort out,” A informed me,

“We should get going, the longer we stay here, the higher the chance of getting caught,”

“We can’t run away forever…” A muttered resting her head against my chest,

“You’re right,” Flo said looking up from her iPod, “what are we going to do?” I could see the stress in her eyes, I felt bad because she had no one to comfort her, I beckoned for her to join us on the bed. I shuffled upright and moved over, she sat on the other side of me and I put my arm around her,

“I’m so sorry I brought you girls on such a rubbish road trip, we’ve done nothing we planned,”

“It’s not your fault!” Flo reminded me,

“More like Silas’…” A muttered, I didn’t know how to feel about Silas, he’d been my friend for years but I had never really known him, there was always something he’d been hiding… He killed a man, should we stick by him no matter what? Or should we leave him to take the whole blame, because up until yesterday our names had been innocent. I sighed deeply,

“What are we going to do?” I asked slowly, “This situation is so messed up,”


“Let’s think about the options,” Flossie opted, “A) we continue to Canada with Silas, B) we ditch Silas and head to Canada, C) we own up now and get the blame, D) we…”

“…One day we’ll be found, surely the punishment will be less severe if we own up now,” I interrupted,

“What are we owning up to?” A asked,

“Exactly!” I sighed, Si climbed back into the van and sat as far away as possible as he could from us, Flossie got up and pulled him into a hug,

“Way for Silas to complicate things!” she laughed quietly, his face crumpled slowly into a smile and he took off his glasses wiping them with the bottom of his shirt.

“You look so weird without your glasses on,” A said scrutinizing him, he put them back on,

“Good weird?” he asked,

“Different,” she muttered,

“That’s it!” I stood up; they all looked at me, including Lou in the front seat,

“What?” Flossie asked,

“They don’t know our names, they don’t know where we live, all they know is that a group of teenagers saw a man being killed and now they’re on the run…”

“They know what you look like,” Louise spoke out,

“Exactly!” I grinned, Lou frowned, “Pass me your electric razor Si!” I enthused, he reluctantly gave it to me, I switched on the button and pushed it through my brown hair,

“No!” A cried, I shaved another section of my head, “What are you doing?!” she demanded,

“Hi, I’m Harold Fitzgerald from London England; I came to America on a year abroad in university…”

“What?” Flo asked,

“Genius!” Lou smiled, Silas pulled his glasses off and shook his head so his hair came out its waxed-position, he un-tucked his shirt and grinned,

“Hey y’all I’m from Texas, my dad’s a cowboy and my mom’s a maid,” he grinned cheekily, “I’m a redneck called Duke Tucker!” he laughed,

“Who can I be?” Aimee asked,

“I’ll do your hair!” Flo stood up, “I’m thinking you could pull off a pixie cut,”

“You think?” she asked, “What do you think bald Harry?” she questioned,

“Perfect,” I winked at her, I patted Si on the back and he pulled me into a hug,

“Thanks for not deserting me,” he said sincerely into my ear, “you’re a great friend.”

The End

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