Louise Ketley: Bottling Up The EmotionsMature

I glared at the hand which in had been offered before slowly taking it, "Truce, but only until we're out of this, then I'm going back to the way we were." I replied quickly.

"Deal." she replied nodding before pulling her hand out of mine.

 Looking into the distance I saw Harry walking slowly back with Silas in tow; Silas lifted his head slightly to try and make eye contact with me but I shifted my gaze, avoiding eye contact with him and went back inside the van.

I collapsed into the empty passenger’s seat and put my head in my hands, how had I gotten myself into such a mess? How had I let myself fall for someone in such a small space of time? I wished I could be anywhere than here.

When everyone had climbed into the van and the door had been slammed shut, I got up and walked slowly to where the others were sitting, all pulling Silas into hug after hug and trying to reassure him that he was wanted. “I’ll drive” I murmured turning tail and walking towards the front of the van, no-one said anything; I don’t think anyone even acknowledged that I had said anything, they were all too busy fussing over Silas.

No-one spoke to me as we drove; they all sat in the back doing their own thing. Looking through the rearview mirror I could see Aimee asleep, her head resting on Harry’s shoulder. Flossie was playing a game of cards with Silas and Harry was sitting very still allowing Aimee to sleep on him whist reading a comic book.

I sighed pressing my foot down hard on the accelerator, the sooner we got to Canada the better, was the thought which kept buzzing round and around in my head.

No-one offered to take over driving, so I carried on into the night, it had been hours since anyone had spoken to me, and my instincts told me that they wouldn’t speak to me.

“Why am I suddenly the enemy now?” I murmured to myself when I was positive everyone was asleep.

 Hours ticked by.

 At about 2 in the morning there was a shuffling from the back of the van and Aimee appeared in the passenger’s seat, she looked wide awake.

“What are you doing still driving? Aimee asked, peering at the dashboard and checking the time, “Its 2 in the morning”

I shrugged holding back tears which threatened to spill out. “Are you okay Louise, you have been unusually quiet?” she asked, she sounded generally concerned.  I blinked and something wet splashed against my cheek, a tear?

“What’s the matter?” she asked, I wiped my face with my tear and put on a fake smile which she didn’t buy for a second. “Nothing I’m fine” I said, a quaver in my voice.

“Pull in Louise and tell me what the matter in, I can’t help you if you won’t tell me” I swallowed the lump which had formed in my lump before replying.

“No its fine, we have to keep moving, just go back to bed Aimee” I said, harsher than I had intended but nevertheless she turned and shuffled back to bed.

When I could be sure that the motion of the van had lulled Aimee back to sleep I pulled into a passing lay by and rested my head against the dashboard allowing the tears to fall freely without any fear of anyone seeing.

The tears hazed my view and I shut my eyes in an attempt to control the tears which were welling in my eyes but I was instead plunged into the blackness which was sleep.

The End

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