A Question Of LoyaltyMature

"We can't just leave Silas on the side of the road," I protested.  "He's still our friend no matter what he's done."

"But we cannot hide a murderer and take him across a state border," Louise exclaimed.  "Do you know how much trouble we'd get in?"

"We're already on the run from the authorities for what we saw," Aimee pointed out.  "I fail to see how this makes it any worse.  At least now we're wanted for something we've actually done."

"And remember we didn't stop Silas from killing that officer," I continued.  "We didn't even turn him in, we just buried the body and ran.  So don't act like our hands are completely clean.  If Silas is a murderer, which I know he isn't, then we're his accomplices, accessories to murder."

"And we all know that Silas didn't mean to kill him," Aimee backed me up.  "It was an accident, he didn't expect the gun to go off in his hand like it did.  Silas is not a killer."

"Maybe your friend isn't the guy you thought he was," Louise said.  "He's not who I thought he was."

"That's because you've known him for all of five minutes," I spat.  "How dare you claim the right to judge our friend based on one of the shortest relationships I have ever seen."

"You're forgetting that that I am older than you and I've seen far more of the world than you will ever see.  I am a police officer-"

"Stop pretending that you're so important.  You're only a trainee officer so-"

"For God's sake stop squabbling," Harry shouted, standing in between Louise and I who had slowly been growing closer and closer together, both looking like we were about to hit each other.  "This isn't going to solve anything.  Of course we're not going to abandon Silas," he said, turning to Louise, "and we're not going to turn him in to the police either.  We need to make sure he's OK."

"That might be a little difficult," Aimee said, looking out the back window.  "He's making a run for it."

As one body we all threw ourselves at the back door of the van, all falling out onto the roadside and stumbling over each other.

"Silas," I shouted, running after him before a hand grabbed hold of my wrist, stopping me in my tracks.

"I'll get him," Harry said, overtaking me.  "You and Louise need to calm down right now or Silas isn't going to get his head straight.  You got it?  Now sort it out or I'll have to bang your heads together."

As Harry dashed off I turned and looked at Louise.  I didn't want to have to do this, but if I didn't then our whole group could fall apart and we could end up God knows where.

"Truce?"  I said, holding out my hand for Louise to shake.  "For Silas's sake.  Until we manage to sort this mess out."

"Truce," she replied, taking my hand and shaking it firmly.  "But only until we're out of this, then I'm going back to the way we were."


The End

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