Louise Ketley: TerrifiedMature

I stared down at the body which lay on the floor of the van, blood oozing from the bullet wound in his forehead.  "What have I done?"  Silas breathed, "I didn't want to kill him, just scare him enough so he would leave us alone, shit what have I done?"

 I couldn’t speak I was too shocked to speak, tears welled up in my eyes and slipped silently down my face.  Silas dropped the gun and crumpled in a pile, rocking back and forth. I would have comforted him but after seeing that I wasn’t sure whether I knew much about the boy I thought I'd fallen for anymore.

No-one dared talk; we all just sat there lost for words each thinking the same thing and that was - shit what do we do now?

Silas raised his head to look at me and I looked into his eyes, allowing a tear to slip from my eye. He went to brush it away but I flinched and backed away from him, I was suddenly terrified of him.

Getting shakily to my feet I looked down at the body then I looked at the others who were still cowering in the corner, each of them had gone pale. “Right…” I started to take charge but struggling and having to stop to swallow a lump which had formed in my throat.

“We need to … need to move the body” I manage to murmur, wiping away more tears which had slipped down my cheeks.

“I’ll help” Silas said, “I think you should stay in here” I snapped taking a few steps away from him and wiping yet more tears away.

“Lou...I” he began but I cut him off, “don’t talk to me, you terrify me” I said pointing an accusing finger at him before turning to face the others.

“Flossie and Aimee can you two please help me get rid of his body, we can hide it in the bushes” I said pointing at some tallish bushes which ran either side of the road. “And Harry, get the map out and work out the quickest route to the Canadian border, we cannot hang around” I ordered clapping my hands together.

With the help of Flossie and Aimee, we were able to lug the body out of the van and hide him in the bushes about 100 yards from where the van was parked.

None of us said much, but then what phatic talk can you make when you are lugging a 14 stone dead weight.

“I’ll go see how Harry is doing” Aimee said, hurrying back to the van without waiting for either of us to reply.

I let out a huge sigh, letting the last remaining tears trickle down the side of my face, “are you okay?” Flossie asked, wrapping an arm around me, much to my surprise since she supposedly doesn’t like me.

I shook my head, “The sooner we get into Canada the better it will be for all of us!”

The End

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