Silas: Drastic ActionMature

I was just as frustrated as everyone else about that damn police car. They just never stop.

"It's such a risk." I whispered to Louise, distracting her.

"It needs to be done." She replied quickly, looking to her gun again.

"Louise." I murmured, taking her hand.

"What?" I could hear it in her voice - the anger. I held her by the neck and gently kissed her, not caring that everyone else would see us. I could feel her moving into the embrace, getting closer to me.

I moved my right hand down to her waist. Before I broke off the kiss, I took her gun, making sure that she didn't notice. She still looked slightly angry but I thought that I saw a gentleness appear in her eyes, along with something that I couldn't quite place - was it fear? Apprehension?

We pulled up to the car and the officer opened the door to the van, peering in suspiciously. "Well, what are you lot doing round here?"

"Just on a trip." Aimee said innocently, clearly squeezing Harry's hand tightly. That was something that we could do with talking about, but only once we had dealt with this man.

"A trip? Do go on." He smiled at me - I could see it in his eyes - he knew more than he was letting on. Or was it my paranoia? Probably.

"Just a simple little roadtrip." Harry explained, but the man wasn't taking it.

"Where you heading?" He wouldn't shut up.

I could see Louise slowly reaching for her weapon - she was thinking the same as me. Too many questions. Too nosy.  "No, Louise." I mumbled under my breath.

"Not sure." Flossie answered, nudging Louise.

I couldn't let her do it. It was more than just trust. More than that between us. I hoped so anyway.

I could see her hand slowly moving, getting further than she thought she should. She knew; she noticed that the gun was missing. I could see the fear shoot through her eyes, looking around as subtly as she thought she could get away with. It wasn't long before her eyes darted to me and all I could do was look away.

"What do you want?" I grunted, letting my frustration filter into my voice.

"I want to know what you lot are doing here." He was stern, wasn't going to give up.

"We've already explained." I growled. "So can we go now?"

The man shook his head. I could see him moving for his weapon. That was it.

"No, Silas." I heard Louise whisper to me.

I offered her a look, a look that said "I'm doing this for you. To save you. Because I love you." Before I had chance to think about that, about my feelings, about my friends, about the consequences of what I was about to do, I pulled the gun out and aimed it at him, trying to stop myself from shaking too much.

"Get out." I shouted. "Now."

The End

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