Harry - AMature

Morning brought a very sleepy Lou, a comforting Si, a driver in the form of Flo and so some time for A and I to chat. She took a seat opposite me and smiled slowly, I glanced at Si and Lou who were snuggled up together, Lou asleep and Si’s arm was reaching over her whilst he read a book, I winked at A.

“Sleep well?” she enquired,

“Yes thanks, you?”

“Alright I guess, I can never sleep when I’m all crammed in, I prefer my double bed at home where I can stretch out,” she smiled, “I love my double bed,”

“They have many uses,” I allowed,

“Like sleeping,”

“Lounging and jumping on,”

“And using as a dumping place for clothes,” she smiled, I hated being so subtle – okay it wasn’t that subtle but I wanted to talk openly to her, I knew Silas would hear - he wasn’t deaf…

“After yesterday, how are you feeling?” I asked,

“After my fall?” she winked, “I’m good, it was a surprise and I didn’t want Flo to find out, but now she knows and we can’t do anything about it, I was thinking of telling them,”

“We can’t,” I said quickly, Silas looked over at us,

“I’m neither dumb nor deaf!” he cried, “Where did you fall?”

“I fell out the van,” she mumbled,

“Wish I had seen that!” he laughed and then returned to his book,

“We can’t tell them!” I mouthed to Aimee,

“Why not?” she mimed back,

“Not now,” I said aloud, Si glanced over at us again and raised an eyebrow, “I don’t feel like playing cards,” I said to A,

“Fine!” she grumbled and picked up the magazine she’d been reading, that ended that conversation, I picked up my phone and replied to one of the 10 texts from my parents.

Where are you? Having fun?

Hey mom, it’s good, we’re on the road…somewhere, I’m not keeping track, just chilling with the guys and sightseeing a whole lot! Love you x


“Hey guys, we have a problem,” Flo called from the driver’s seat,

“Shoot,” A said putting her magazine down,

“There’s a police car waving us down ahead,” she replied, I peeled away the curtain and sure enough a police car was sidelining us, waving at Flo to slow down.

“We can’t outrun this one,” I muttered, “plus he’s got a gun…”

“Crap,” Flo mumbled as she pulled to the side of the road and slowed down, “crap, crap, crap!” 

The End

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