Aimee: Just drive alreadyMature

I felt bad for Flo. Somehow it seemed that she was being left out, because Harry and I were together and so were Louise and Silas. It couldn't be easy having all your friends dating each other. I decided that I would make a conscious effort to keep her involved. Part of me wish Livvy were here so that she could keep her company, but then Livvy would be involved with all of this police mania, and judging from her reaction when it had first started, she wouldn't have been able to cope.

Harry, Flo and I returned to the van with our purchases, in time to see Louise and Silas getting all close and snuggly. I squeezed Harry's hand and smiled. It was nice that Silas had found himself someone. I'd never really seen him date before, or at least, he had never shown too much interest in anyone.

"Right, I'm driving again!" I cried, racing Harry to the front seat and beating him; although I suspected he had allowed me too. Instead he climbed in next to me, and unfolded the map.

"Alright, if we take this road, then turn left outside the... Aimee, what's up?"

I was staring ahead of me, ignoring everything Harry was now saying. In front of me, across the street, was a figure I recognised all too well. And with that figure was a group of other people, carrying banners.

"Stay in the van." I muttered, then climbed out and stalked over to the group. "Do you idiots not know when to quit?"

"Well, well, well. It's Aimee Ladds. And what are you doing all the way out here?"

"None of your business Doyle. What are you doing here?"

"Well, since our hometown won't listen to my pleas, I came here, where the townsfolk have a similar view to mine."

"You know that there is no way that you're going to be allowed to set up a facility that just murders innocent creatures."

"Well, there is no law against it. I'm testing for the good of the human population."

"No, you're testing because it will bring you loads of money and you don't care about the enviroment and all the creatures in it."

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Louise.

"Aimee, you're drawing attention to yourself."

"I don't care! I had enough problems dealing with these jerks back home, and now there here? He just doesn't give up!"

"Aimee, fight the fight another day. Not today. We have to go." I grimaced, but I knew she was right. I couldn't do the animals any good by being arrested or shot. I allowed Louise to drag me back to the van.

"I ought to run them over." I muttered as I climbed back in to the drivers seat.

"Once again, uneccessary attention Aimee." Louise called from the back. I pulled a face. Harry laughed and put his soothing hand on my shoulder.

"Just drive already you nutter."

"It's innocent little animals.."

"I know. I remember your rally back home. Now leave the idiots to their speeches and let's get in to Canada."

"Alright." I muttered, pushing the gas pedal down and pulling on to the road. I didn't run them over, but I did drive rather fast next to Doyle, who got the fright of his life when he turned to see a van speeding inches past him.

We were off again, on the road to Canada.

The End

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