The Fifth WheelMature

I'd forgotten how frustrating Aimee could be when it came to talking about boys and with Harry she was even more tight lipped than normal.

"You can't tell the others," she insisted.  "We promised that we wouldn't let you guys know about it right now.  With all the stuff going on with the police and everything being really tense we didn't think it was the right time.  Plus we didn't want to ruin our friendship with something that might not go anywhere."

"But there's nothing to tell!  You haven't told me any of the juicy gossip," I complained.  "Is Harry really as good a kisser as everyone thinks he is?  Or is it just that his charm and confidence that make him appear to be a good kisser?"

"I'm not telling you that!  It would spoil the illusion," Aimee joked, smiling to herself.

"Come on, it's not like I'm ever going to find out myself!  And I'm not going to ask anyone else so you are going to have to tell me or I will die never knowing the magic behind the legendary Harry Fitz snog."

"Don't be so crass!"

"I'm not being crass, I'm just saying it like it is.  Now spill or I will threaten you with a kebab skewer."  I grabbed a bag of wooden kebab sticks from the display and brandished them in A's face.  "Don't make me do something neither of us want me to."

"Alright," Aimee said, putting her hands up in a mock surrender pose, "I'll spill.  Just please don't skewer me to death."

We both laughed at how stupid we must look.  I put the skewers back when I got an evil glare from one of the assistants, not wanting to draw attention to us just in case the police were following us.

"So what's it like kissing Harry Fitz?"  I asked, not willing to let the point drop.

"It's amazing," Aimee said smiling.


"You know the feeling you get when you step into a hot bath and it's just the right temperature?  You get that warm, tingly feeling all over."


"Well he makes me feel like that except a million times better!"

I laughed at this strange analogy Aimee was using.  But in a way I understood what she meant.  The warm feeling you get when a guy you love puts his arms around you and the shivers you get all over your body every time he touches you is a very hard thing to describe.

"Well if that's what kissing him is like imagine how good the sex is," I joked, receiving a sharp elbow in my side.

"It's not like that.  I've told Harry I don't want to be like his other girls.  There is so much more to lose with us so we've got to get it right.  I don't want to lose you and Silas just because Harry and I tried to push the boundaries too fast too soon and ruin our relationship."

"You know you'll never lose me," I said, snaking my arm around Aimee's waist and squeezing her tightly.  "And if Harry ever does anything to hurt you then you can count on me to go and beat the hell out of him."

"Thanks Flo," Aimee said, squeezing me back.

"I'd do the same for any of you guys, you know that."

"Wait, so does that mean if I do anything to hurt Harry you'll come and beat the hell out of me?"

"I might do," I said slyly.  "Depends on how bad you've been."  I quickly legged it as Aimee took a swipe at my head.

I was happy for Harry and Aimee, I really was, but there was something inside me that was the tiniest bit jealous.  I was normally the one head over heals in love with the latest guy, or at least had a boyfriend, and now I was the fifth wheel in a group of couples.  Silas and Louise were incredibly close to becoming a proper couple, despite the fact that she was older than him, and Harry and Aimee were full on in love.  It made me sad.

I decided I would call Ian and have a chat with him.  It might make me feel better to have someone on the end of the phone who liked me more than just as a friend.

The End

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