Harry - Getting Si Off the CaseMature

I held hands with A as we walked back to the VW van, which stuck out amongst the crowd with its bright blue paint job and iconic logo. When we got back Si and Lou had also gone, I dropped A’s hand and climbed in the van, Flossie was sat on the bed reading.

“Where’ve you been?” she asked,

“Stretching our legs,” I muttered,

“I went for a wee,” way for A to put it bluntly,

“Are the bathrooms nice?” Flo asked getting up,

“No,” A shook her head; she hadn’t even been to the bathroom,

“Where are they? I’m bursting!” A pointed in a random direction and Flo disappeared,

“She won’t find any,” I told A,

“She’ll pee in a bush if she’s bursting,” A grinned and walked towards me, I put my hand around her neck and stole a quick kiss; I was pleased we’d had the talk and even though my attempt to show her I was mature and serious had failed, I was happy with the result.

“Stop!” she pulled back, “Someone will see!”

“Oh right, act normal!” I grinned and sat on the bed, I lay down and picked up a magazine, Silas and Louise came through the door.

“Someone’s out there peeing in a bush!” Si grinned; I caught eyes with A and laughed quietly, Si gave her and sideways glance and so she changed the subject.

“And where did you two sneak off too?” A asked, Flossie came back into the van and sat next to me, she got out a pack of cards and we started to play a silent game of donkey.

“Just went for some fresh air,” he mumbled sitting down next to me,  

“Yeah yeah, you little flirt Silas Donohue, it’s obvious you like Louise!” she gasped “You asked her out didn’t you? Aww sweet!” I smiled to myself as A got carried away, she was obviously on a romance-high and no one was going to stop her.

“What about you and Harry?” Lou asked, I looked up from the game and gave Lou a frustrated look,

“We’re just friends,” A said confidently,

“Not even that,” I winked at her, “she’s a pain in the…”

“…Anyway!” A interrupted glaring at me with a twinkle in her eye, “It’s one in the morning, why don’t we get some sleep?” we all settled down in our beds. A and Flo had begun to share after Si and I had had our disparity, Si usually slept in the makeshift bunk above me but this time he slept above Lou, I felt kind of rejected but I didn’t say anything.

The following morning after breakfast we were about to start off,

“A, I never found the toilets last night, can you show me where they are? I ended up going in a bush,” I caught Si’s eye and we both started laughing, A grinned and went to find the toilets with Flo. When they came back they said they’d found showers too, so they grabbed their towels and went to wash, Si and I were left in the van.

“I saw you kiss A,” he stated,


“I saw you kiss A,”

“I heard what you said,” I snapped,

“Well you said ‘what?’”

“I know what I said,” I replied shortly, “I didn’t kiss her!”

“I saw you!” Si cried,

“Well…your eyes must be deceived!”

“That’s right, blame my eyes - how were you planning on hiding this?”

“I’ve got nothing to hide alright Si? Jeez get off my back!”

“Alright Mr. Defensive, forget I said anything…”

“Already have,” I said grabbing my towel and disappearing out the door, when I came back A smiled at me and I smiled back, Si caught us looking at each other. Lou started the van and we set off. “A, can you hang my towel up for me?” I asked tossing it at her face; she snatched it off her face and glared at me,

“What?” she asked in disbelief,

“Hang!” I commanded, I hoped she’d forgive me once I’d explained,

“I’ve not suddenly turned into your slave!” she warned me as she hung it up,

“That’s right, you’ve always been my slave…” she looked at me with narrowed eyes and suddenly pulled the towel off the hanger, she threw it back at me and growled in annoyance – I would have laughed but I found it strangely attractive. Si bought it and came up to me,

“Alright dude, I believe you,” he whispered,

“Thank you!” I smiled at him and went to apologize to A. I sat next to

“Oh is the master talking to his slave?” she asked angrily, I wanted to kiss her there and then but I knew I couldn’t,

“Si’s on our case, he saw us kiss, I think I’ve thrown him off track,” I whispered quietly,

“Ohh!” she said realising, “Good one!” she whispered, her eyes suddenly lit up as if she’d had an idea, “Seriously Harry, I’m sick of you telling me what to do!” she pushed me away; I got up and crossed the van, “I’m not a pushover!” I pretended to ignore her and picked up my magazine, she winked at me a few minutes later – we were keeping them way off our trail!

“Guys we’re in Ohio, last state before Canada!” Lou called, we all cheered in happiness, almost there. The one concern I had…what were we going to do once we got there?

The End

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