Louise Ketley: Something SpecialMature

I gazed affectionately into his soft green eyes which seemed to shimmer; I could feel his warm breath against my face we were that close to each other.

"I'm not very good at this. So, you know, would you like to go out? Me, you. Us. A date. So, what do you say?" he breathed.

I pondered this for a while, in the short time I had known him there had been something, I had become very close to Silas, and my heart would skip a beat every time he called my name. I cupped his face in mine lovingly, gazing deep into his soul before pressing my lips firmly against his.

 My whole body seemed to tingle as he kissed me tenderly, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer. I never wanted the kiss to end. As our lips parted I smiled affectionately at him with as much love as I could muster,

“I wanted to do that from the moment I clapped eyes on you” he breathed, making me blush.

“Come on” he said slipping his hand into mine, “Let’s get back, the others will be wondering where we have got to.

As we opened the door to the van conversation filled our ears, it appeared that everyone had returned to the van.

“And where did you two sneak off too?” Aimee said hands on hips but a smile playing on her lips.

“Just went for some fresh air” Silas said casually plonking himself down on a nearby seat. “Yeah yeah” she giggled giving Silas a soft poke in the ribs. “You little flirt Silas Donohue, it’s obvious you like Louise!” she gasped “You asked her out didn’t you” she said turning to look at me. I blushed furiously which gave the game away immediately. “Aww sweet” Aimee said smiling happily before sitting down next to Flossie who was engrossed in a game of cards with Harry and was winning.


I lay awake much later replaying the kiss I had shared with Silas over and over in my head; it had been incredible, there was definitely something special between us. I rolled over and allowed myself to drift off to sleep, not a care in the world.


The End

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