Harry - A Relatively Normal EveningMature

“Snap!” Flossie slammed her hand down on the pile of cards and grinned happily as she took it,

“Why don’t we play Irish snap instead?” Si asked,

“I’m only interested if it involves Irish whiskey,” I bargained,

“You’re underage and I’m a police officer!” Lou called from the front seat,

“A police officer on the run from the police, I hardly think you’re in a position to talk,” I replied smiling,

“Alright, put the claws away!” she retorted,

“Besides we don’t have any whiskey,” Si said taking out the stash we’d hidden, “we’ve only got the girly drinks left,” he showed us the RTD’s, “razzberry or pomegranate twist?” he asked,

“Technically they’re labelled under beer, so really you guys should love them!” Flo smiled,

“They’re like soda, but just make you drunk,” I smiled taking one, “razzberry – what even is that?”

“You guys go ahead and drink them, your reactions will be slower and I’ll kick your ass!” Flo smiled, “Irish snap, how do you play it Si?”

By the end of the session Flo had won the game, Si was drunk and I was the dull heavyweight without a high from alcohol or a victory. Lou swapped with Aimee and A joined us at the back, she’d been avoiding my eye contact all through the day, but to be honest I hadn’t been seeking to start a conversation with her either. There was something tender about a friendship blossoming into a relationship, I didn’t want to screw it up, and what’s more I didn’t even know if A was interested and from what I’d got from her earlier I was beginning to think she wasn’t.

“So…I’m just going to throw this question out here…” Si said dopily, “are you two…together?” Flo’s attention flashed from her book towards us and A looked up at me waiting for me to answer on behalf of both of us,

“Who?” I played it dumb,

“You and A,” Si slurred,

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to lie, “A hasn’t spoken to me all day, she’s mad about something…I don’t even know what,”

“I’m not mad at you,”she told me, “I just don’t get you,”

“You don’t get me?! Seriously you’re like a closed book; wear your heart on your sleeve a little more please!”

“I’m more subtle than that!”

“Well I don’t know what you’re feeling! Enlighten me why don’t you?!”

“Not in front of everyone,” she muttered going red,

“Thanks Si,” I muttered half-sarcastic, he was too passed it to notice though,

“No problem!” he stumbled into the bed and lay down, “Want to know a secret?” he whispered in my ear, I flinched but allowed him to speak, “I like Louise, I mean like like,”

“I’m not in a position to trust what you say right now,” I told him, “go to sleep,”

“Love you man,” Si hit my shoulder and grinned,

“As if to prove my point,” I smiled back and shuffled over to A,

“I’m not ready to talk Harry,” she pushed my head away, “just be patient,”

“It’s my middle name,” I smiled standing up and climbing into the bed opposite Si, I was tired and now Lou was driving we were in safe hands, she was the game maker at the moment.


“Your turn to drive,” Lou shook me away,

“Me? What about Flo or Si?”

“Si obviously isn’t in a suitable condition to drive and Flo’s too tired, besides it’s your van,” she dropped the keys onto my face and smiled, “follow the signs to Virginia,”

I climbed reluctantly into the driving seat and started the engine, seconds later I was joined by Aimee, she snuggled up to me and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Hey you,” I smiled resting my cheek momentarily on her head,

“What do you want Harry?” she asked,

“I want you A,” I told her, “but I don’t want to force you into anything and I don’t want to mess up what we’ve already got,”

“We could never mess it up,” she mumbled, “but I’m scared,”

“Scared of what?” I asked quietly,

“Letting my guard down too far and getting hurt,” she whispered,

“I would never hurt you,” I promised,

“I guess it all comes down to trust,”

“Do you trust me?” I asked,

“Yes and no. Yes, you’re one of my best friends and I can tell you anything, no because I know what you’re like and what’s to say you won’t go off with another girl as soon as she comes along?”

“I’ve never felt this way towards anyone Aimee,”

“You called me Aimee…” she said slowly,

“I know, itisyour name,” I joked, “the ball’s in your court – what do you want?”

The End

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